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  1. CJM

    Cleaning EGR Valve

    I decided to clean the EGR Valve today, we already have some great DIY's on cleaning the EGR, but they are for the pre - facelift, there is not much difference but some of the pictures might be of use to those with the facelift model. As there are already some DIY's on here I started the job...
  2. CJM

    DIY Step by Step Pollen Filter Replacement

    Tools needed: 8mm socket / ring key 10mm socket Screwdriver Optional tools: Torch Mini Vac / Car Vac 1 ) Open glove box and remove the two screws near the catch 2 ) Go to the bottom of the plastic fascia and pull outwards as indicated in the photo, the fascia is held on with clips...
  3. CJM

    MAF & MAP Sensor Cleaning & IMRC Valve Cleaning

    Please remember to wear gloves when handling the cleaner solutions mentioned below MAF SENSOR The MAF Sensor is located here Personally I removed the air-box, but you do not need to, to remove the MAF Sensor. However you will need to get/use a 5 pointed security torx with a hole in the...
  4. CJM

    What car shampoo do you use ?

    Getting low on the jewel ultra diamond car shampoo I currently use and was wondering what others are using and their thoughts. A mate uses the Megs Shampoo plus from the detailer range and finds it very good and easy to use on the car.
  5. CJM


    It is apparent that many are having problems, possibly with their EGR. Personally I get the occasional stutter when cold and up to now have been quite lucky!! I have had a quick look on the web, to find out about EGR etc and came across this site Autoinc EGR Systems Whilst reading it, it...
  6. CJM

    Leather Treatment

    So far there isn't a thread on treating the leather seats I've tried various, but I find Gliptone Liquid Leather conditioner (I haven't tried the cleaner) very good and easy to use. Best part is it fully restores the leather smell.
  7. CJM

    Fuel Filter Change Facelift 7th Gen

    Hi everyone I replaced my fuel filter at the weekend and there is not a guide for it so thought I'd do one Ok firstly, my apologies for the lack of pictures, however due to the rain, diesel and the likelihood of throwing things I didn't take any! Firstly may I point out that all credit for...
  8. CJM

    GTechniq C2 Liquid Crystal Concentrate

    Hi all, Came across this site some time ago Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer is for professional use only, but the C2 seems to do a pretty good second job and looks like it could be better than stuff like supaguard etc. I'm toying with getting some and was wondering whether anyone else has come...
  9. CJM

    Valet Pro - Bilberry Wheel Cleaner

    Personally I think it is excellent stuff for cleaning alloys, Just wondering what others use and if they think there is anything better out there. Tend to use it neat and brush on, leave for a few minutes and then wash off