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  1. Dave400

    Central Locking issue - Rear door locks, but won't unlock unless done via door pin

    One of the door locks on my 7th Gen started acting up Saturday, it locks OK, but won't unlock when unlocking with either the keyfob, or via driver door switch. Driver, passenger front and rear are ok. With the door pin up, when locking the pin drops then seeminly bounces up a fraction before...
  2. Dave400

    white wheels

    I've got the factory 17's on my 2006ex and I find the ride to be soft and wallowy, my wifes mk6 FIesta on 15"s feels firmer!
  3. Dave400


    I'll swap my broken one for your working one if you want :)
  4. Dave400

    Can I turn the lights off that are mounted in the door cards?

    Or just take the bulbs out
  5. Dave400

    TA stickers

    Can I jump on the bandwagon for some stickers please?
  6. Dave400

    Bluetooth integration

    Xcarlink have a Bluetooth based unit
  7. Dave400

    Possible battery/alternator/electrical issue?

    I had this earlier in 2014, alternator refused to charge battery or provide power to the systems, weirdly it kind of cleared after some very gentle driving, but it hasn't been right since with either it not charging at low revs but fine at 1700 and up or there's a parasitic drain... I'm...
  8. Dave400

    XcarLink for pre-facelift with OEM sat nav

    Just get the SKU209, works fine with the SatNav equipped Accord.. Mines situated in the centre cubby hole to the left of the 12v accessory socket
  9. Dave400


    You're half way there.. when the hft system starts looking for the phone, you have to tell your phone to search for a bluetooth device, when you see honda hft listed, select and the when prompted enter the 4 digit code. Once thats done the hft system will prompt you to say a name to store the...
  10. Dave400


    Once you start the HFT system searching, you then do a device search on your phone, select Honda HFT and then enter the preset 4 digit code.. Quite a simple process
  11. Dave400

    Voltage output from alternator

    I'm currently trying to determine if my 2006 2.2 Ex ictdis alterrnator is failing to provide adequate charge or if the smart charge system is not doing what it should.. If it's not working properly I'll replace it, but if it is then I only need change the pulley or bearing as my car still has...
  12. Dave400

    Best springs for 19 inch amgs

    Did the MOT tester not fail your non standard number plate (font used should generate a fail)