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  1. CJM

    Can someone confirm my suspicions please?

    Have a look at these threads. EVR valve DMF On your car there is only 1 EVR valve, at the rear of the engine, whereas on the facelift there are two, which makes it a little easier to check as you can just swap them round, I recall there were a few cases where this valve was the culprit. If...
  2. CJM


    Maybe worth considering getting the module repaired and a cheap hire car for the duration of the repair, odds on you'll save yourself at least half the cost. Otherwise it's go the whole hog and get the revised part. Incidentally what is the mileage on the car ?
  3. CJM

    7th Gen - Rubbish for kids car seats

    Could honestly say I've never really noticed it, but then I can only compare with using a seat in a Passat highline which to me was similar.
  4. CJM

    2.2 i-ctdi oil questions

    :lol: Like your style
  5. CJM

    Squeeking/noisy seat!

    Maybe post a vid/ audio up of the sounds, someone else might recognise something
  6. CJM

    Heated seat not working

    If you haven't already, Have a look at this thread Heated seat not working
  7. CJM

    long crank to start. 2004 accord 2.4 ex

    :) Topics merged
  8. CJM

    HUK Customer Service Issue

    Maybe a long shot, but maybe worth having a chat with Chris an independent Honda Tech on the forum, I know he's some distance away from you as he's Oldham, Manchester way, but maybe he can give you a better quote or idea and alternatively he is currently breaking a 05 diesel which he had...
  9. CJM

    Manufacturer Advisory Light - Emissions

    Well the AA should be able to produce a code which will give an "idea" as to where the problem is.
  10. CJM

    My 1st Honda - 2.0 Vtec Tourer Exec - Recent caliper should I replace hoses?

    Welcome along Jayne. Congrats on the purchase and completing your property renovation
  11. CJM

    Stuttering on gentle throttle

    Alan, Have a look at post #25 on this thread , unfortunately the guy didn't get back to report that the problem was solved, but equally he didn't get back to say the problem wasn't solved either. Good luck and good to know all is Ok otherwise :)
  12. CJM

    knocking noise

    Nebitomi, If you can get someone to make a video on a mobile of the noise whilst your driving it, then it maybe better to give some idea's. I take it that the noise only happens when accelerating in gear and when you are not in gear it just revs and doesn't make the noise?
  13. CJM


    Great stuff and hopefully it was just a loose connection. If it happens again in the future then just unplug one of the switches, clear the code and reconnect, then take for a quick drive and re-scan, at least then it should hopefully narrow down the suspect. In respect of the TPS, difficult...
  14. CJM


    P1704 does relate to the clutch pedal switches it could be a loose connection or broken or poorly adjusted switch. There are two switches one at the very top of the pedal arm and one slightly lower down, firstly check the connections are tight then check that the switches are working and...
  15. CJM

    Cleaning inlet maniford

    I'd probably try some penetrating oil, also I'd warm up the engine a bit to get some heat into it, then with a good socket on (where possible) and a bar give them a tap first in the direction to undo, then in the direction of tightening, just one tap in each direction. Hopefully this will break...
  16. CJM

    Cleaning inlet maniford

    Not tried taking a pre-facelift EGR apart but looking at it I suspect those 4 bolts that you undid hold everything in alignment and either the spring has moved positions and restricting movement or causing uneven pressure on the valve and perhaps the valve has jammed ? Need to take the EGR off...
  17. CJM

    Cleaning inlet maniford

    i think you may have a couple of problems. 1 the MAP sensor, it possible with all the trying a MAP sensor has been damaged, however on re-reading the thread it seems you have a replacement from the scrappers. 2 as Fahad has mentioned. What exactly happened when you unscrewed the 4 bolts at...
  18. CJM

    7th Gen Fuel Filter Tip

    Great tip Peter, thanks for sharing
  19. CJM

    Cleaning inlet maniford

    What have you done since? Changed the MAP sensor or checked for bent pins on the MAP sensor ? Unfortunately cannot quite see what is wrong with the revs from that Video, although Is there a metalic ticking sound ? How does the car drive, unresponsive, stuttering / lumpy? Did you try...
  20. CJM

    Accord diesel shudders at start up and turn off

    Another thing to consider is the exhaust mounts depending on the shudder Have a read of this thread