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  1. crespo

    Check these little beauties out. Can be purchased from here. Not cheap mind.
  2. crespo

    Wheel refurb

    Just a heads up really. These guys will shot blast and refurb your wheels for £40 a wheel.
  3. crespo

    What colour is your 7th gen.

    This thread is purely to help members identify the colour of there car. Please only reply to this topic with a maximum of 3 photo's of your car and the colour and code with it. Nighthawk Black Pearl (B-92P)
  4. crespo

    Finally some decent pics of my EL wire mod

    Just a little bit of £4 EL wire from Ebay. It really makes the car feel like a ****pit at night. It is a very easy mod to do, Just wire the EL wire to the glove box light. Red+/Black- and away you go. I glued mine to the underside of the lip above the glovebox lid as it is...
  5. crespo

    HID kits The definitive guide

    First of all the MOT law. It has always been a failure to install a HID kit on a car that does not have headlight washers, self levelling headlights and projector lense headlights. To be honest i am yet to hear of anyone actually failing an MOT with a HID kit installed but that is not to say...
  6. crespo

    Pop Up SatNav for the dash.

    Pop up satnav. Found this little beauty while browsing the net. I love the way it looks OEM and with it being separate to the Audio system there should be no compatibility problems...
  7. crespo

    New Ebay spoiler

    Well after a few recent threads with people umming and errrring about the quality aetc i thought sod it and got one after all its only 30 quid. Paint quality and match is top notch and so is the quality and feel of the actual spoiler and it is very discrete which is exactly what i wanted. i...
  8. crespo

    PoorBoys, Black Hole

    Just ventured in to the world of detailing over the weekend. My god this stuff is immense. Had my first go with my new Kestral DAS 6 machine polisher which got rid of the nasty buffer trails left by the bodyshop who did my paintwork with some Menzerna polishes but by far the most impressive...
  9. crespo

    How to code keys to operate alarm and central locking

    This is the process to manually code your remote function on your key, If you have a dead battery and your key has forgotten the code when you replace your battery this info will save you a trip to the dealer and parting with some cash. MAKE SURE ALL DOORS ARE CLOSED. 1/ Switch ignition on...
  10. crespo

    Want to see what style of wheels look good on your Accord

    loads of styles fitted to the US TSX. (euro Accord)
  11. crespo

    Facelift steering wheel

    Anyone know if i need the facelift airbag.? I know the wheel is pretty much the same and i am considering buying one but i don't need the airbag and would like to use my pre facelift airbag. And are the cruise and radio buttons plug and play.?? Anyone on here know.??
  12. crespo

    Creaking from offside front suspension

    I am getting a weird creaking noise from the front passenger side wheel area. It only happens when turning left. I have checked the calliper and that is fine as it should be as it was only replaced last month due to seizing. Anyone got any ideas.?? Here is a video as it is difficult to explain...
  13. crespo

    Air Con Compressor

    I was driving along the M3 last week with the climate on and noticed that it suddenly stopped so i ***umed it had run out of gas so thought to myself i would get it re gassed at the weekend. After going to a air con guy who took a look at it he came back to me and said my compressor had seized...
  14. crespo

    Noisy fan

    My fan works as it should but is a bit clanky if you know what i mean. Could it be a bearing or something like that.?? I am talking about the fan that cools the engine by the way. The car has done it since i have had it but i would like it sounding silent as it should. The noise is not...
  15. crespo

    squealing when pulling away in first

    My car has done this a few times before but is doing it a fair bit today for some reason. The best way to describe it is a squealing noise when pulling away in first gear (like 2 metal plates rubbing together for 1 second). It does it no other time and is intermittent. My first thoughts are...
  16. crespo

    EL wire interior light mod

    Seeing as LED's have been done to death on the Accord i thought i would try something a little different and took a little inspiration from Mercedes Benz and BMW. I installed some EL wire in the gap above the glovebox to create some ambient lighting. This mod is fully hidden and can only be...
  17. crespo

    7th gen facelift flat wiper retrofit

    Very easy mod to do and takes about 5 minutes. Tools needed, Small Philips screwdriver. New Facelift flat wiper blades. £25 a pair from Honda. Most of you will already know that the passenger side wiper arm is already compatible with the newer flat wiper blade found on the facelift 7th...
  18. crespo

    Anyone fitted facelift wiper arms to a pre facelift

    As per the thread ***le really, I have just ordered some facelift wiper arms to put on my pre facelift because i prefer the look of flat wipers. Im pretty sure it will be a straight swap but im also thinking it may not be. I know i could have got the retro fit blades for my pre facelift arms...
  19. crespo

    Loose seats.?/

    I have an executive with full leather and electric seats, Both seats move by about 1cm (or just under) under braking. This is not just the drivers seat but also the passenger seat. Is there a simple bolt that needs tightening or do i just have to put up with it. Any help appreciated
  20. crespo


    Almost all of my cars have had the temperature gauge sit pretty much exactly in the middle when warm apart from my old Alfa 156 which moved about as it was a live reading and not an average. In the Accord the gauge sits just before half way which is making me think the thermostat is faulty and...