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    Remote locking.

    I have a 2001 1.8 is...I purchased a chinese 300 htz key fob...but can,t get anything to there an easy way to check if my car has power door locks & remote locking.
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    After reinstalling my drivers seat when doing my Auto to Manual swap...2001 CG8 1.8 SRS light would not go out...ignored it...after a few days the battery was flat...checked bat. all OK. reset the SRS light & eveything been good for 6 months...the other day the SRS light came a...
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    Anyone have a cig. lighter harness...3 single pin plugs with relay from the drivers door to the centre car has no harness & I,m trying to update to usb.
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    I,ve just came back from a few years working in Holland & brought my CG8 1.8 is with me....I now have to change my headlights to left dip for the UK mot...anyone recommend a good set of projector or similar headlights & the best place to buy.
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    installing a clock.

    I bought a clock & cubby holder from the flea bay, it has part numbers...39700...S1A EQ10M1...52010545A...does anyone have a 4 pin plug with 6" of my dash loom doesn,t seem to have the plug
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    1.8 v-tech 5sp manual.

    Hi, everyone..I bought a friends 2001 i.8is v-tech 5sp...they had problems with the electrics...the car has been in a crash at one time & the electrical repairs look like it was diy... my boyfriend & I repaired the loom properly & changed the ecu from a 2001 F20b & I,m getting codes 1166 &...