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  1. jayok

    Power Steering Fluid Change

    I done some work on a diesel Accord in that suffered a Power Steering Pump pressure valve failure and it was replaced by a mechanic. However, the owner contacted me and said he was still getting an occassional "grinding" sound when turning the wheel, so he took it to me for a check. Upon...
  2. jayok

    Help - 2.4 6MT Drivers

    I was wonder can you help? I'm been thinking about a post by Astra02 recently around the 2nd gear crunch and the play in the gear linkage. I occasionally get the grind and I was wondering is it just stretched gear linkage or worn bushes. I don't get the pleasure of working on other 2.4 manuals...
  3. jayok

    Difficulty Shifting Gears

    I've noticed over the last few days that I'm struggling to get the car into 2nd. Now it does go in but there's a little crunch when it does. It also seems to be unwilling to release out of 1st without a "tug". After a while the car behaves normally as it warms up. The clutch was done 20K miles...
  4. jayok

    REVIEW Accord Tourer, Bilstein B8s and HR springs

    I've posted on the general forum about my intentions a month ago to upgrade the standard shocks on my Accord to Bilsteins. I had already dropped the car using H&R springs and I was somewhat happy with the ride, however after about 6 months the ride because sloppy and twitchy, so I decided to...
  5. jayok

    Tourer Rear Shock / Damper Replacement

    After six months on my H&R lowered Accord Tourer the OEM shocks finally wore out. I ordered some Bilstein B8s for the rear and took to fit these as the B8s are specifically designed for lowered cars. This DIY is for replacing the rear shocks on a tourer only. The Saloon has a different...
  6. jayok

    Diesel Hesitation

    Hi All, I'm currently troubleshooting an Accord diesel that has an intermittent hesitation when the car is floored or when the engine is under load (for example at 80mph). The hesitation presents itself as if it takes about 1 second for the engine to respond to the throttle. The car has been in...
  7. jayok

    What shocks?

    I've lowered my 2.4 using H&R sport springs with is about a 40mm drop at the front and 35mm at the back. I'm on stock shocks and I'm looking to replace these now. Can anyone suggest a make/model of shock that can handle this drop and not blow quickly? Thanks!!
  8. jayok

    Tourer Rear Sensors

    Hi All, I've deciced to fit rear parking sensors to my Tourer and I need to tap off the reverse light. Now I've checked the DIYs here any they are all for the saloons and I can't (don't want too!) get at the reverse light as it's in the tail gate. Would anyone have an idea where the wiring loom...
  9. jayok

    Car Pulling - gahhhh...

    Ok, so I'm back again, but this time it's not alignment. Basically my car is pulling to the left and this has happened since I got my clutch changed. Now before the change everything was perfect, no pull or similar on the car. Afterwards, I thought it was just in need of an alignment, but today...
  10. jayok

    Sagging suspension

    I recently got the clutch changed in my Accord and noticed when it was returned that the steering wheel was no longer straight. No problem - I was aware that it would need a realignment. Now the alignment has been checked and is 100% correct as per my favourite hunter machine, but I still have a...
  11. jayok

    HELP- Cluch Change - Stuck Bolt

    So my 2.4 went in today to get a new clutch kit installed and while stripping the car the mechanic has stubmled across a problem with one of the engine mounts. Specifically, one of the bolts that holds the mount onto the engine block is completely siezed - now I mean completey seized. It will...
  12. jayok

    Alignment Frustrations

    Are the Gen 7 Accord particularly difficult to align? The reason I ask is I am really, really struggling to get a very simple requirement: when the steering wheel is straight the car goes straight with no pull. Now, I am fully aware of road camber, wheel castor, thrust angle, toe, etc and I've...
  13. jayok

    Clutch Release Bearing / Clutch Change

    My clutch release bearing It used to make the odd-bark, but it seems more frequent now. As such, it's probably on the way out :-( Now Honda want €1,200 (circa £1,000) to to a change, but I can get a clutch specialist to do this for €700 (circa £600) all in. However, I read the Accord needs a...
  14. jayok

    Tourer ARB Rear Links

    I am trying to locate some ARB droplinks for my tourer - I've gone to Honda but they want nearly €60 each side so €120 just for the parts. So I'm looking at the alternative manufacturers which seem more reasonable. However, there is rampant confusion over these links and the Saloon and Tourer...
  15. jayok

    MTF Change 2.4 Petrol

    Hi, I am looking to change the MTF in my 2.4 Petrol Type-S. There seems to be plenty of people around of changed this, but it's more the diesel that the petrol, so I'm looking for some details on the 2.4 petrol specifically 1. The drain bolt - is it a bolt of a 3/8" hex? (i.e. will a socket...
  16. jayok

    DIY - Headlight Adjustment Motor Replacement

    I actually done this to explain to Stevearcade how the Adjustment motor can be replaced and then realised this is actually a DIY! :rolleyes: Headlight Adjustment Motor Replacement
  17. jayok

    My knob is lo longer shiney...

    My Accord Type-S gearknob no longer shines and there's yellow patches on it. It looks as if the lacquer or something has worn off. What's best to restore that shine? BTW - Did you really think of something else when you saw the topic ***le??? : :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. jayok

    Drive Belt Change

    Ok, so at 75,000 miles or 8 years, it's time to change the drive belt in your Accord. Now, this has been called a drive belt, Aux (auxilary) belt and even a fan belt for the older die hards. It basically the belt that drives from the engine the coolant (water) pump, a/c compressor, power...
  19. jayok

    Drive Belt

    My Accord 2.4 is in need of a new drive belt, but OEM is pretty steep at €70, whereas I can get this one from fleabay for approximatley, €28. ebay drive belt Anyone have any experience of these belts, is the OEM worth the additional cost? Thanks!
  20. jayok

    Honda Stream

    Ok, so it's an Accord forum, but we've a Honda Stream 2.0 litre SE automatic, that uses pretty much the same engine and gearbox as a 2.0 litre gen 7 Accord. As Streams are pretty rare compared to Accords, I am looking for Accord experiences please! Recently there's been a noise intermittently...