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    7th CTDI. Heater cold on drivers side

    Since there are only two pipes, removing just one will provide the answer. The Accord is unfortunately plagued with iron piping and so whatever you do is going to require a lot of work in removing debris. I had considered ultrasonic cleaning, and perhaps a magnet trap, but after four years...
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    Rear pads, caliper tins missing?

    Could it be a different parts list between the saloon and tourer, seeing the rear calipers on the tourer do not wind in/out ?
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    Parking Distance Control Unit location
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    Brakes Binding on my Mk7 and Mk8 Tourer

    Thanks for that. After 6 years with the Mk7 I have had seven issues, two of which were service parts, one from the previous owner and one of mine ABS module, slippng clutch, engine mount/broken bolts and some dampers which I will fix after the MOT. I can live with the heater matrix not...
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    Brakes Binding on my Mk7 and Mk8 Tourer

    Does the Mk 8 have the same ABS/VSA system as per the Mk7 ? Does it have a similar master cylinder and filler cap ?
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    new to me

    Welcome. In a desperate couple of days last month I went searching for one and was invited for a test drive, put a deposit down and stupidly forgot to tell the actual owner inside the 14 day cool down period ( just their 'secretary' who has since left the business.) My word against theirs of...
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    Fault codes P0181 and P2199

    Great post, I wonder if anyone has a link to service bulletins for the 7th generation since the MAP/MAF system is similar. Many websites recommend spraying with the right type of cleaner to restore performance, but not to clear faults/limp mode.
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    Used Car Price Increases saved my Accord

    Enjoyable post, and petrol vehicles -so far- have not been demonised by the media, with the exception of two strokes. Even they can be better with the emissions over the 2010 generation diesels and certain Germain 'electrickery' to avoid targets. I'm hoping the care I've taken with the Tourer...
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    What have you done to your Accord lately?

    Thanks. :) All pistons move well , no issue with heavy braking and definitely no heating parts. I checked all discs by eye by spinning the wheels when I had the tyre replaced after the pothole incident. It is also intermittent, but possibly based on the decelleration. Will inspect further as...
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    CM1 tourer fuel tank removal

    These may help, absolutely no guarantee the method of ***embly is the same but a parts check may ***ist. Saloon Tourer...
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    What have you done to your Accord lately?

    Ah, That reminds me. I've had over the past few weeks, when braking from about 30mph to 10mph where there is an odd vibration, not unlike the car crossing over small cobblestones, with a minute accompanying road noise and ever so slight feel back from the pedal. Issue is it is not all the time...
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    CM1 tourer fuel tank removal

    Can't help from personal experience, but from the salvage pictures on the internet it looks like the tank is removed by taking out the rear seat and lifting.
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    Full size spare wheel (225/50-17) iDTEC Tourer (How To)

    Whilst I have only used the safety wheel twice in five years (in a Mk7 tourer) I would never buy a car without the provision of a spare. The last time was a pothole that did not only shred the sidewall of the alloy fitment, but I had to negotiate some 18" of water in the flooded road on the...
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    Rear brake piston will not wind back in - stuck

    Whatever happens you would need to bleed the pipes after refitting. I would strap a small wine bottle in place near the shock absorber before undoing, then drop the end in as soon as you have loosened the bolt. Whatever comes out can be used again over the next day or so, any longer and it will...
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    2.2 Decat

    Scum. Can't help with the question unfortunately. Have you got any neighbours with cameras on their front door ? Keep an eye out for any other local activity through the social media networks in case somebody clocks a gang, then link your police report to theirs. With luck you should be able...
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    What have you done to your Accord lately?

    The stale hydraulic fluid in the caliper, along with the debris on the inside of the cylinder needs to be cleared out. Bleeding will only remove the fluid. Without stripping completely both can be temporarily purged by forcing the majority of the chamber back into the main reservoir ,removing...
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    What have you done to your Accord lately?

    Ah, the trick is to force the fluid quickly up the pipes, a g-clamp won't do that.
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    What have you done to your Accord lately?

    Before you spend time and money, try to press the caliper back with the largest wrench you can get hold of (I think I paid £16 for mine). I did this on the nearside rear when it was binding a couple of years back and so far the fault has not reappeared.
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    What have you done to your Accord lately?

    I've had to reassemble the car without the thermostat to get around for the time being (another is on its way for Friday, along with stud extractor). Surprisingly even with one bolt on the cover it's not leaking, but I did fit the rubber gasket that surrounds the old thermostat. Will drop it in...
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    What have you done to your Accord lately?

    So, firstly - Get all tools required, all manner of small 1/4" and 3/8" socketry. Disconnect battery (otherwise you can short out the 12mm nutted terminal nearby to ground) Onto the thermostat housing, which is in an almost impossible position to work on. The pipe clamps nearby will shred...