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  1. apintofmild

    Leaving the fold

    After close on 5 years, the trusty 8th Gen i-DTEC tourer and I have parted company. I’ve kept scrupulous records for my car, detailing all servicing costs (all the routine stuff was done on the drive at home using genuine parts at half the recommended intervals –thanks Holdcroft & LubeTech)...
  2. apintofmild

    Wing mirror indicator lens

    Some kind soul has smashed my mirror indicator lens. Thankfully that appears to be the only damage. Has anyone replaced this bit? Is it even a separate part? I need to weather proof it as-soon-as before the LEDs start corroding.
  3. apintofmild

    Glitch in The Matrix?

    What's happened to the rest of April's posts?
  4. apintofmild

    Surely not an Accord driver? :lol: :lol:
  5. apintofmild

    It's life Jim, but not as we know it

    US Accord, but it lives on in name at least...
  6. apintofmild

    HFT Echo: Fault or Feature?

    I'm told by people I talk to on the phone that they get a horrible echo from the handsfree (it sounds ok from my end). I've changed phones recently and the issue remains, so I'm guessing it's the HFT. Not having anything to compare it to, I don't know if this is as good as it gets, or if it's...
  7. apintofmild

    Horses for courses?

    Don't know if the Daily Record is a reliable source of quality journalism or not, but there's probably a valid lesson in matching your fuel type to your type of driving. Oh, and doing a bit of research before blowing £33 grand :unsure...
  8. apintofmild

    End of a free ride?

    Is this going to knock on to TypeAccord? TBH their site is pretty horrible, but their hosting seems to work well. Or at least it did. Has anyone a suggestion for a similar (free) service? If existing hosted...
  9. apintofmild

    Mystery Lump?

    Every time I crawl under the front of the car I'm puzzled by the diamond shape lump beneath the engine. It's loose to the touch, but I can't fathom what it's purpose is. So I took a picture of it this time. Does anyone else know...?
  10. apintofmild

    8th Gen DIY: i-DTEC Coolant Replacement

    The sticker under the bonnet says the coolant should be changed at 62500 miles and every 37500 miles thereafter. I’ve just hit 62000 miles and the sun was out (when I started at least!) so I thought I’d get the tools out. Before you start you’re going to need to gather together the...
  11. apintofmild

    8th Gen DIY: i-DTEC Manual Gearbox Oil Change

    Honda recommend the gearbox oil be replaced every 75,000 miles (120,000 km) or 8 years. Mines only done 60K, but as the sun was out (and I had the stuff in the garage) I thought I’d do it a bit early. You’re going to need 2.2 litres of MTF3 gearbox oil. Chances are you’re only going to do this...
  12. apintofmild

    Review: Ambarella A7LA50 Dash Cam & Install

    Although my driving is small potatoes compared to your average sales rep or taxi, I do about double the UK annual average. By my reckoning that makes me twice as likely to be involved in (or witness) a motoring incident (or not, for various reasons, but you get my drift). Given my liking of all...
  13. apintofmild

    8th Gen DIY: Front Bumper and Headlight Removal / Alignment

    My drivers side dipped beam (projector) lens has been cracked since (or just after) I got the car (see here: It's not really been an issue until recently. As the nights draw in, and the headlights are on more...
  14. apintofmild

    i-DTEC Clutch Slip

    For the past 3 weeks or so I've been getting symptoms I can only put down to a slipping clutch. The rev counter rises normally, jumps up a bit then falls back down without a corresponding change in road speed (or wheel spin!). Mostly under acceleration in 4th and 5th (occasionally in 3rd and...
  15. apintofmild

    8th Gen DIY: i-DTEC Fuel Filter Replacement

    There are a couple of other threads on this, so feel free to read them all and devise your own plan of attack. This guide is for a manual facelift tourer, but I imagine the pre-facelift and saloon diesels are pretty similar. Fuel filter replacement on an automatic is different (it's located...
  16. apintofmild

    8th Gen DIY: i-DTEC Engine Oil Change

    Pretty straight forward job really, but it's been a while since I've written a DIY and it might just tip the confidence balance for someone thinking of giving it a go for the first time. This is a facelift tourer, but I imagine the pre-facelift and saloon diesels are pretty similar. Go for a...
  17. apintofmild

    8th Gen DIY: i-DTEC Air Filter Replacement

    Really straight forward job this. Using a cross point screwdriver or an 8mm socket on an extension loosen the 6 captive screws retaining the air box lid. The top can be lifted enough to remove the filter element without removing the ducting or air flow meter wiring. With the filter...
  18. apintofmild

    i-DTEC Fuel Filter Tool

    Others members have got away with a variety of strap or chain one-size-fits-all filter tools, but my absolute first priority was not to damage the lid and have to go to Honda with my tail between my legs. The correct Honda tool (thought to be part number 070AA-RL00300) is expensive and not easy...
  19. apintofmild

    8th Gen Niggles

    I'm guess the answer is 'don't be ridiculous' to all of these, but if I don't ask I'll never know... Is it possible to disable the annoying beeping when the key is in the ignition and the door is open? Once on, can the sat nav screen be turned off? It goes off on it's own if you don't press...
  20. apintofmild

    8th Gen Tourer Spare Wheel

    There seems to have been quite a bit of discussion as to what spare / spacesaver will fit in what car (see link list). Whilst I've not much to say about the saloon, I thought I'd clear up once and for all the full size wheel in a tourer issue: LINK 1 LINK 2 LINK 3 LINK 4 LINK 5 LINK 6 LINK 7...