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  1. Blippi

    Windscreen trims

    Hi recently lost my driver's side trim in the weekends winds, couple of quick questions anyone know a part number as eBay breakers aren't proving successful at the moment? Also I only have the lower clip still attached to the car but can see there should be a couple more that parted company...
  2. Blippi

    Petrol Vs diesel

    For those that don't know I currently have a 2.2 diesel 8th gen. I live in Manchester where the powers that be are bringing in an Ultra low emissions zone or new tax as I see it. Not here for a discussion on that but will mean a daily charge if I keep the accord. Just lately I've been looking...
  3. Blippi

    Rear caliper information

    My rear driver side brake caliper has started to stick so looking to replace annoyingly my local garage is struggling to source one quickly I need to drive to London on Tuesday anyone know the part number so I can see if I can source one quicker. My car is a saloon 2008 8th gen 2.2 I dtec
  4. Blippi

    Wheel spacers info needed

    Has anyone fitted wheel spacers? I currently have 18" delta wheels fitted which I like, the issue I have is they don't fill the arches ie they seem sunk in or the offset is too high so not coming out enough. After looking at other accords this seems to be the way honda wheels are. Has anyone...
  5. Blippi

    Remove satnav/radio display

    Hi, I'm looking to remove and relocate the current top display in my 2008 es gt. It's the basic non satnav display. I've found guides to remove stereo if this is done will this give the necessary access to remove? Any help appreciated