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    Premier Tuning 8th gen IDTEC Type S Stage 2 Remap

    A big thank you to Fahad for remapping our 8th gen Accord a brilliant service from the first phone call right the way through the remap stage I like the fact that Fahad was happy to advise over the phone and didn't force me to book and use his service like many other tuners. Our 8th Gen 2.2...
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    Ashtray bulb

    Hi, Anyone know what size bulb is the ashtray called HH but they informed me its not listed.
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    clock spring

    Hi, removed my steering wheel to change to another one and when removing the steering wheel the clock spring opened and cable hanging down. Need a replacement now for a 2007 Accord will the replacement need to be programmed or will it be a straight swap? ***uming anyone from 2006-2008 facelift...
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    sunroof blind removal help

    Hi, Anyone know how the sunroof shade blind can be removed? Cheers.
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    Type R calipers

    Hi, Would FN2 front Type R calipers, discs and pads fit my 7th gen?
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    clutch fluid

    Hi, My clutch fluid is slightly low. Are the clutch and brake fluid the same? Or anyone have a part number for the genuine Honda clutch fluid. Cheers.
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    stereo upgrade

    Hi, I have a friend who has a Accord Type S he wants to upgrade the stereo. Anyone know which lead is needed to fit a single din stereo such as alpine or pioneer? and where it can be bought from? Also seen a thread somewhere on here a while back with someone talking about the dash screen...
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    Turbo boost problem

    My Accord Diesel is suffering from Turbo boost problems... Upto 2-2500rpm it feels normal and fine but after that especially when it reaches over 3000rpm the Turbo runs out of boost and it struggles to pick the revs after this. What could the problem be is a stuck EGR valve, one of the turbo...
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    type s gas conversion?

    I am thinking of doing a LPG conversion to my Accord 2.4 petrol type s... What are your views on this chaps would it equal better mpg?
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    Gear knob to Type-S?

    Hi, My Diesel gear Knob looks like the one below: And I wanted to change it to the Type-S one like below... Is their any way of screwing the Diesel gear knob off and fitting the Type-S one??
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    Speaker upgrade

    Hi, I was thinking of upgrading the 6x9 speakers in my 2005 Accord Diesel and was wondering how hard would it be? Can I buy some plug and play plugs so that they plug in or is it a case of cutting the old wiring and connect the new speaker up? Is this the right plug to buy...
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    Accord sport Grille don't fit?

    Hi, I bought a Diesel sport grille off a fellow member on here and gave the car to the bodyshop and he rang me today informing me that the grille doesn't fit the top things are different?? I am baffled as the diesel sport grille was supposed to fit my 2005 Diesel Accord? What is the best...
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    Lowering specilaist midlands area?

    Hi everyone, Just want to know if there is anywhere in Midlands area or in Birmingham which does a Specialist car lowering service. Need the lowering done properly. Cheers Tanna.
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    Key fob battery

    Hi, My key fob battery died then went to a elecrical shop yesturday to have the battery replaced and it worked perfectly. When I tried to open the car today it didn't work the battery has been drained for some odd reason?? Is my Key fob messed up or did the guy give me a cheap battery...
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    Power folding mirrors (retrofit)

    Hi, I stumbled across these on eBay Power folding mirrors for the Accord... can they be retrofitted to my Accord executive and are they plug...
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    Which spoiler?

    Hi, I thinking of adding a spoiler to the rear of my Accord but not sure which one to go for as I can't find hardly any...Could anyone be kind enough to recommend me a few and where to buy from? Was thinking of this one below but no sure...
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    Red key fob cover fit?

    Just spotted this red key fob cover on eBay wonder if it will fit the Accord? Would appreciate if someone can let me...
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    Which 19" rims?

    Hi, Which 19inch rims would suit the Accord? Please post a pic was thinking some deep dish...
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    CTDI to Type-S kit fitment thread

    A lot of people including myself want to modify our Accord diesel to have the Type-S styling... A couple of questions... Does the rear Type-S bumper fit the Diesel Accord? Likewise does the rear lower Type-S spoiler fit the diesel bumper? Does the front Type-S bumper fit the Diesel Accord...
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    High mileage club?

    I was wondering who has the highest mileage on their Accord diesel? The only reason I ask is because I am in a bit of dilema having just bought an 2005/55 Accord CTDi with 98k FHSH and not sure wheather I should keep the Accord or sell it and hold onto to my 406 hdi? Now the 406 has covered...