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    abs not working

    hi all. Has anybody experienced faulty abs without any error? Few month ago i started experiencing strange problem. Every time after car wash abs stopped working, same in wet air conditions. I have tried to do self diagnostic and got no errors, so. abs was ok for some time, but lately i started...
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    f20b6 secon o2 sensor question

    hi all. Heater of secondary oxygen sensor(post catalyst) has died recently on my Accord.So i am looking for new one. I was told that Universal NTK sensor OZA624-E4 should work perfectly. can anybody confirm that? Denso catalogue show that DOX-1452 should fit on f20b6, but it is 2.5 times more...
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    mud flaps

    Hi. I am wondering where I can get mud flap for my sedan? I can find mud flaps only for newer generation accord.. For example And found on EPC how looks...
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    rough shifting from 1st to 2nd gear

    Hi guys!. I have unpleasant issue for some time(maybe even from time i got this car). I have hard shifting from first to second gear... It seems that car stalls for a second when shifting(it is strongly felt when driving cold engine/gearbox and less when warm). I thought that it may be because...
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    what min temperature gauge can show?

    Hi all! Is it possible that car outside temp shows only -21 minimum temperature? or it is already broken maybe? p.s. real outside temp is -24
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    supported OBD PID's

    Hi! Does anybody knows all supported OBD2 PID's ? And which program reads them best? P.S. I'm using Ebay's cheap ELM 3.27 v1.4 scanner and found out that scanmaster reads less PID's than scanXL. but neither first nor second doesn't read injection timing. which I need most.I want to see how much...
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    Drivers window auto lift up not working

    Hi all! I found out recently that my driver side window is not lifting or going down automatically. just manually. I need hold up or down window button all the time. Any suggestions where to look at?
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    Autogearbox oil change

    Hi all! I believe i need to change auto tranny fluid to my accord and have few questions, because i did't do anythink like this to this car All I know is that I need 2.5L quantity. I have some questions: a. is there any oil filter in gearbox? (where it is if yes). b. is it safe to use HONDA...