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  1. Yadash

    Exhaust Replacement

    Guys, does anyone have a rough idea as to how much an exhaust system from after the header is going to cost?
  2. Yadash

    Catalytic converter

    Guys, on the 6tth gen, where abouts is the Catalytic converter usually found? Would you say it's nearer the engine or nearer the back box?
  3. Yadash

    Wet look car wax

    So I've got to grips with this detailing stuff and my cheap turtle wax high gloss bottle is nearly out, I'm now looking to move onto bigger better stuff and am after a wet looking wax for the 8th gens polished metal colour, I'm more than happy to apply more than once a month so has anyone got...
  4. Yadash

    bluetooth adio

    Hey guys, I got my new car and can you get your phone to stream to the radio system? I remember doing it in my cousins tsx so I'm not sire if the accord has the feature?
  5. Yadash

    Buying an 8th gen diesel!

    Hey guys, I've been contemplating buying an 8th gen 2.2 diesel saloon and a good offer has come up near me, what sort of things am I looking out for when I go to see it, it's from a Honda dealer and it's a 2011 car on a 60 plate, it's also an automatic and has a full Honda service history with...
  6. Yadash

    ATR buying

    hey guys I'm going to look at an ATR tomorrow hopefully and It's quite high mileage so any pointers on what I should be looking out for when I go to view the car. It's a facelift model so I'm ***uming that it won't be as affected by the synchro problems that the pre's do. Apart from that and...
  7. Yadash

    Factory Sound Systems

    I've been looking at some 7th gen's and I've got a couple of questions about the sound system(s) Firstly, do any of the cars come with a 3.5mm input or usb input Secondly, how many different types of units were there and which is the best, am I correct in believing that the Navigation system...
  8. Yadash

    high mile diesels

    I might be going down to look at a high mileage cdti. tomorrow and want to know what I should look out for, the car has done 180k miles.
  9. Yadash

    Remote locking Rejuvination!

    To renew your remote locking case, you're going to want to visit this link and order yourself one of these: So my keyfob...
  10. Yadash


    Unfortunately my accord's starting to give up a bit now, today we went out for a drive and heard a grinding/scratching noise coming from the back of the car, it still worked for a bit and we thought nothing of it, then later on the engine started to cut out whilst driving and the left indicator...
  11. Yadash


    So I picked up some Autoglym stuff today, Super Resin Polish, Ultra Deep shine I think and the body shampoo conditioner. I applied the Super Resin Polish by hand and gave each panel 5 hits and it didn't really do much from what I could see, it didn't really polish, there were still swirl marks...
  12. Yadash

    Accord Type-R

    Is it essential to run Accord Type r's on 98 octane? What would happen, were someone to fuel up on regular 95 octane? Thanks
  13. Yadash

    odd smell

    As the ***le suggests after a short drive today and a bit of full throttle I found a burning sort of smell when getting out of the car. Does anyone know whether its a problem or just normal? Sorry if its a bit of a "n00b" question.
  14. Yadash

    He's BACK! :O

    It's MR V-TEC engages strong!!!!
  15. Yadash

    Rev Limit

    Just a random question since the red line starts near 7k RPM, How high does the F20B6 Rev?
  16. Yadash

    Cleaning car

    I really want to fully detail my car but I don't have the first Idea on what to do, the last time I tried to wash my car I did more damage than good with annoying swirl scratches even using the two bucket method and I decided I would never touch the paint again. So, I need your help on what...
  17. Yadash

    Aftermarket Suspension?

    Does anybody know what types of aftermarket springs/dampers I can use for the sixth gen saloon? I think the offside rear damper is starting to let go so it'd be a good opportunity to get some performance mods done ;)
  18. Yadash

    Mot fail

    After having realised that our MOT was 3 days overdue, we booked an appointment and went down today. The accord failed on three points; 1) Nearside all position lamps not working 2) Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive 3) Offside front steering rack gaiter...
  19. Yadash

    Leather gear knob

    Just one quick question, how am I meant to get the automatic gear shifter off so I can put another one on? The one on the car right now has started to peel and it looks pretty disgusting Thanks
  20. Yadash

    6TH Gen Bodykits

    Guys with 6th Gen accords, if you're after body kits a great site is: I found it quite hard to find body kits for the 6th gen but there's a tonne of stuff in here :D