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    8th gen product update - windscreen trims

    I used Tiger seal on mine, cleaned it extremely well with acetone and meths and let dry well, then a bead of tiger seal. Use some masking tape to hold it in position taping across the screen and down the door window. Leave it for 24 hrs then take the tape off. I did mine last year and they are...
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    High pitched whirring sound tied to RPM

    No short belt option on these, 7th gen had that but not the 8th
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    2012 Type S EPS Fail

    There is a separate part on the rack which is the torque sensor, which I ***ume translates steering input into electric current for the motor but the rest of the rack looks to be a sealed unit.
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    2012 Type S EPS Fail

    I had a look at the EPC for the steering racks and there are two variants, one for the standard car and one for 18" wheels which I ***ume means Type S which are the only ones that came with 18" as stock. The rack seems to be a lot more expensive than the control unit! Mine is still working but...
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    2012 Type S EPS Fail

    Hmm, I wonder if the noise on mine is mechanical or electrical. Is there any serviceable parts on the rack or is a replacement the only way out?
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    2012 Type S EPS Fail

    Funny that you post this, my ATS same as yours has been making funny steering noises for a while, obviously I haven't been driving nearly as much as before but when turning I hear a noise that sounds like an electric motor rubbing against something. I'm following with interest.
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    Replacing front lower arms

    It will make it very awkward but it should still be possible. The biggest issue for me were the horizontal bushing bolts, they were seized on mine and took a lot of heat and long breaker bar plus another 4ft extension to finally release them. I am doing the same on my 8th gen and have bought new...
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    Front Windscreen Wiper Motor

    Does the motor make any noise? or is it just silent? If its making noise then the linkages are probably worn and popped off, if its silent its worth checking the fuse first and then if the spindles are actually free and not seized in the mounts. There are rebuild kits available for most wiper...
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    Drivetrain vibration at high speed

    Worth looking at the lower control arm bushes, specifically the large round horizontal ones, if these go soft from wear,vibration will follow. I know this from a 7th Gen that I replaced the bushes on and it made a huge difference. I have new spurious ones from TRW to fit to my 8th Type S Tourer...
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    How much oil in a 2.2 Accord iDTEC engine?

    I bought one of the electric oil pumps from Lidl, never been a big fan of them as I am dubious about how well they extract all the old oil. However with a hot engine and it connected to the battery it sucked all the oil out in very quick time. Clean too, I had the filter and new oil in in under...
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    2010 Accord Type S180 Excessive Shaking

    Put a prybar or a very big screwdriver behind the large horizontal bush and pry outwards. there should be a small amount of movement but not excessive. Look closely at the bush and you can see voids in the rubber part, they should not show any signs of polishing on the rubber nubs. If there is...
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    Type S i-dtec Turbo query.

    I can't remember where I read it but I do remember that the materials in the Type S core were different to the standard turbo. As in different metallurgy was used for a lighter or more durable core.
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    Creaking steering left

    The main advantage with the electronic ear is that you can road test the car with headphones on and see which condition produces noise,left/right turns/small bumps/large bumps etc. They aren't all that expensive to buy.
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    Creaking steering left

    Good result after all. Good to know that the sound can be caused by corrosion.
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    Rear Caliper L/R

    I am amazed at how the brake seals manage to contain fluid even on very pitted pistons. One thing that I do is to take the bare caliper with no rubber and heat it with a blowtorch, and let it cool. This usually allows the corrosion and horrible sweaty brake fluid to dry off and its then very...
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    Spare wheel

    I'm on the lookout for a Type S wheel 18" Not as a spare but just to allow me to get a ding taken out of my existing set.
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    My engine is still running in at 85k, can't say the same about the lower control arms though..
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    Spare wheel

    Space saver or full size? If you only had a tyre goo kit then there is a DIY spare wheel how to in the DIY section. Mine has 18" wheels stock but they are very large in the wheel well. I opted for a 16" Civic steel wheel and a 205/55 tyre which means I would have to change the rear wheel first...
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    New Year, New Forum!

    Great to see this resource, apparently the only Honda Accord specific site in the UK now...
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    Has anybody use Autodoc for spares?

    I would have fitted now PSB bushes but the Mk8 has a different sized bush to the Mk7 and the UK ebay seller didn't reply to my queries. I did find another manufacturer of Poly bushes by the name of Siberian Bushing and they had the correct part but postage was quite expensive for such a small...