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  1. Yadash

    uncomfortable driver's seat?

    On journeys longer than 1 and a half hours, the front seats were quite uncomfortable, there's not enough support for the middle part of your back. The rear seats on the other hand are excellent on long journeys.
  2. Yadash

    Steering noise

    Yes, I have had that when turning the wheel, I've also had a noise like a grinding motor when parking.
  3. Yadash

    8th Gen interior noise

    For the most part it's farirly quiet, I had a 6th gen before hand so obviously it was amazing at the time. However on rough surfaces, the ride seems to be quite harsh and that causes a few rattles in the dash which is a minor annoyance. On A Roads and Motorways however, the car is fine with no...
  4. Yadash

    8th gen as reliable as 6th?

    Exec, I noticed the same thing between the 8th gen and the 6th gen. Weirdly the 6th gen has more soft touch materials around the cabin, the glovebox on the 6th gen has the fake leather/soft touch material covering it, where the 8th had a horribly tacky plastic door that honestly sounded like a...
  5. Yadash

    Any tips on buying a second hand 8th Gen Accord?

    Hi Ship Regarding the MPG, on a motorway run you can expect to get around the high 30 low 40 mark with the Auto gearbox if you cruise at around 60-65mph. If you want to be doing around 80 you'll be looking at high 30's at the best. Around town the MPG isn't brilliant, you're looking at around...
  6. Yadash

    Fuel consumption!

    32! :lol: Yes that's on an auto i-dtec
  7. Yadash

    Looking at 8th gen petrols.

    Any news Dharmesh? Found a replacement yet
  8. Yadash

    Anyone written to Honda UK reagrding DPF?

    Because they're extremely strict with their inspections and inspect basically everything on the car
  9. Yadash

    Exhaust Replacement

    Thank you very much Exec!
  10. Yadash

    Exhaust Replacement

    Guys, does anyone have a rough idea as to how much an exhaust system from after the header is going to cost?
  11. Yadash

    Looking at 8th gen petrols.

    I totally agree with Brett, it's extremely easy to park if you have the rear view camera and parking sensors, the left handside wing mirror also tilts down so you can curb check too!
  12. Yadash

    Warranty extension or not?

    The warranty costs on Hondas are fairly low so if you can find a competitive deal which your happy with, then it's definately worth it if only for the peace of mind. However, it's also a Petrol Honda and not to be ****y but they hardly ever go wrong, so you've got peace of mind there and you...
  13. Yadash

    Cant access menu because dont have sat nav dvd?

    Did the Sat nav work when he purchased the car? If you don't have the Nav disk, the system won't allow the user to access the screen. So the best thing to do would be to pop down to the local Honda Dealer and pick up a copy of the latest maps, or alternatively have a go on e-Bay, but be weary...
  14. Yadash

    8th gen product update - windscreen trims

    Thank you! I'm getting some speaker trim rattle which will hopefully be sorted soon
  15. Yadash

    8th gen product update - windscreen trims

    Are the windscreen side trims the plastic body colored bits on the sides of the windscreen?
  16. Yadash

    8th gen product update - windscreen trims

    Out of interest, do you know what other recalls the car should have had?
  17. Yadash

    Catalytic converter

    Thanks bro!
  18. Yadash

    Catalytic converter

    Guys, on the 6tth gen, where abouts is the Catalytic converter usually found? Would you say it's nearer the engine or nearer the back box?
  19. Yadash

    After Market Sat Nav upgrade

    Alternatively, just paint both buttons black, job done!
  20. Yadash

    8th gen accord or frv (decisions, decisions)

    They've gone up in price a lot now!