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    ABS sensor voltage - odd ball

    I have the ABS kickback on my pedal at about 1 second before coming to a standstill. I am presuming some wheel speed sensor is outputting a low signal. The official manual gives voltage levels to be expected for the two front wheels speed sensors, and the rear left speed sensor, during...
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    detonation pinging pinking at minimal load - not at high load

    This one has me baffled. Any suggestions welcome. The car will start to pink on a slight incline, at 15% throttle, 1800 RPM, IAT 35°C for example. I acn't be too sure about the ingition advance as I have no reliabale way to measure it. This car is one of those with a 5 pin OBD connector so...
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    Distributor Timing Adjustment Impossible - no slots in distributor

    Hmmm. I have the official Honda service manual for my Accord, engine F18BA. It describes in detail how to adjust the static timing using a strob elight, by loosening the distributor, and rotating it to achieve 12° advance, while the SCS connector is shorted. When I loosen the distributor...
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    workshop manual haynes or other options

    Hi, can anyone recommend what is the best workshop manual to buy for a 2005 Accord Petrol 2 litre, manual gearbox? I'm particularly interested in a decent wiring diagram. I see that Haynes do list a US built spec' manual but I'm not sure how many quirky things that might contain compared to...
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    With two Accords, Remote Fob Crosstalk

    Hi. I have two Accords now in one household. I noticed that when I tried to unlock one using the remote fob, that the other one unlocked also. Does anyone know a way that these two cars can have the fobs reprogrammed to provide independent functions specific to each car? I did read the user...