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    Side Lights

    I want to replace the sidelights on my 1.8 sport. At the moment, the ones I have are truly awful. Does anyone have any suggestions for an upgraded pair?
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    Steel Wheels

    I'm looking to get a set of steel wheels for the winter however I need to know what size and PCD etc. I've got a 2002 Accord Sport on 16"s at the moment. Would any of you know what I'd need to ask for?
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    Would you buy this Type R?

    I've not thought about changing my car but saw this and was wondering If it was worth it. I have a sport already but wouldn't mind the extra power. What are your thoughts on this?
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    Disappointing Dash Lights

    I changed my lights today from the standard orange as a few of them had blown and put blue ones in. To be honest, I think they're a bit rubbish to be honest. Can I have some honest opinions? I am parked under a lamppost mind so it may have had an impact. Also, I can't seem to get light on...
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    Air Con Compressor

    I need to remove the compressor from the car and possibly replace it. Just wondering if anyone's done it as a DIY job and if there's any little tips you can give me so it doesn't take too long. Cheers.
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    Steering rack boot / gaitor

    Trying to clean up the arches earlier and noticed my steering boot has split completely. Is this something I can replace myself? Would this have been responsible for the squeezing I can hear from that corner?
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    Spraying, where am I going wrong?

    Hello everyone! I had a spare wing mirror that I tried my hand at spraying yesterday. I rubbed it down, gave it three coats of primer with rubbing down, three coats of nighthawk black and three coats of lacquer. As you can see, there's a clear difference between what was there before and...
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    Why you should change your pollen filter

    Being the idiot I am, when servicing my car over the last three years, I left the pollen filter off the list. Anyway, I changed it on the weekend, and this is what came out. Safe to say I'll be changing it every year from now on!
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    Heater not working properly

    A slightly strange one. Two days ago, the heater control (the knob that goes from 1 - 4) started to only work on settings 3 & 4. It does not work at all on 1 & 2. Any suggestions or should I just dive in and get behind the controls?
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    I leave my car outside the house for an hour and this happens...

    Whoever it was didn't leave details and the plate on the back of the glass has snapped meaning it won't just press back in.
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    Wheel Colour

    Hi All, I need to respray the centre caps on my wheels and was wondering if there is a colour code or name?
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    Refurbish a brake caliper

    I had an MOT recently and it initially failed on a binding rear brake caliper. I was told by the tester that I needed to replace the caliper so I bought one off a scrapper. The car sailed through when it was retested with no advisories but I was told there probably wasn't much life left in the...
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    EGR Valve

    I've been told by my garage that my EGR valve needs replacing. Honda want to charge £350+VAT for it with my garage then charging labour on top of that. The garage have asked me if I can source a second hand one so if anyone can point me in the direction of anyone that has one going? Let me know...
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    What noise is it?

    I've got a noise coming from my engine bay that is quite high pitched and I thought it may have been timing belt related however it goes when I start to depress the clutch. Any ideas? It's not affecting performance in any way, it's just annoying.
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    Failed MOT

    As above, the car failed it's MOT this morning due to: Offside rear brake pipe excessively corroded. Offside rear wheel bearing rough when rotated. Parking brake: efficiency below requirements. I can deal with the wheel bearing but not sure about the brake line. Is it a difficult job to...
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    Rear Wheel Bearing

    I've been told my rear wheel bearing needs replacing but just wanted some advice from you guys. I understand from reading various posts on here that the bearing comes as part of the hub however I'm wondering if I'm able to replace this myself as the bearing doesn't need to be pressed in. I've...
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    Seagulls....hate them!

    Well I spent a couple of hours washing and polishing my car, went for a drive and pulled into the local maccy d's for a quick bite to eat. Nothing wrong so far you'd think, well it turns out every seagull in the South Wales area decides to drop its guts on my car. P*ssed off was an...
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    Bonnet Cable

    Tried to open my bonnet to top up the windscreen washer but got nothing when I pulled the latch. I didn't hear the cable snap and its still connected at the end in the drivers foot well. Any ideas on how I can open the bonnet as I don't like not being able to check my oil either.
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    Steering Wheel Control

    Hi All, Was the 6th ever available with steering wheel controls for the stereo? If I wanted this installed, would it be an easy enough DIY job? Cheers.
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    Exhaust back box

    Morning all, I noticed that my 1.8 sport had turned into some sort of chav sounding vehicle this morning. I jacked the car up and can see that the back box has snapped just before the join to the centre pipe. Is there any way I can temporarily fix it (till next month) then buy a new back...