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    Merry Christmas Honda heads!

    Hope you all have a happy safe and prosperous Xmas/New Year or whatever holiday you choose to have. I hope we all have a better 2021 and look forward to another year in my Accord and hope that you all enjoy a safe and happy year too!
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    Moving from 7G Tourer to 8G Tourer advice

    After a recent rear end accident my 08 EX Tourer has been written off, I am thinking of moving to an 8th Gen but am unsure as to which spec would be comparable, looking at Autotrader decent lowish 70k milers EX Facelifts are around the high 8 to low 9 mark, I know the space isn't the same as...
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    Climate control lights FL

    Does anyone know if the climate control buttons are supposed to be illuminated Red/Blue? All the rest of the dash lights work except the blue/red on each side, I wonder if they are meant to be lit or not.
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    Problem solving bushings fitted to lower control arm.

    My LCA bushes were in a poor state causing a lot of wear to the inner and outer shoulders of the tyres, the bushes still looked OK but were soft when the car was on a lift and you pried at the bushing, I estimate about 1cm of movement in the horizontal plane. I was in two minds whether to...
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    Digital display change distance units?

    On my 08 Gen7 UK model the speedo is in MPH which I can live with, what I would like to change is the range display to read in Km if possible. Is this changeable in the settings? Anyone done it and remember how to do it?