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  1. shab_the_man

    Any plumbers on here

    Hi Wondering if we had any plumbers on here who could help advise me on an issue I’m having. Seem to be suffering from what is known as ‘water hammering’ when closing taps upstairs in the house. Never had this before and recently started. Any ideas on fix/investigation?
  2. shab_the_man

    Rear right abs sensor Accord 2004 2.0i

    Hello Does anyone know the part number for a rear right (drivers side) abs sensor which will fit a 54reg Accord 2.0 I-vtec? Thanks
  3. shab_the_man

    Honda Accord DVD Feed through main screen

    Hello I am currently in talks with Xcarlink on a potential discount for our members on the video interface unit which will suit our members who currently have the factory Sat Nav unit. If you review this you will see the features...
  4. shab_the_man

    Double Din Custom build

    Hello Everyone Browsing youtube and found this double din install video where the user cuts out the original stereo. Not sure how good this would be but thought I would post it to see if anyone had any ideas from it.
  5. shab_the_man

    Upper control arm removal

    Guys Well been getting a knock on the front drivers side of the car for a while now, getting worse as time goes on. Jacked the car today and found that the upper control arm ball joints have excessive play. Decided rather than try to tackle the ball joint just replace the whole arms which have...
  6. shab_the_man

    Exhaust system for Type R

    Came across this, might be of interest to someone Exhaust system
  7. shab_the_man

    Pre facelift accord grill to fit on a Facelift

    Guys Just wondering if a pre facelift diesel accord front grill fit on a facelift accord diesel?
  8. shab_the_man

    LED Tail Lights

    Guys I'm wanting to do an LED tail light conversion on my accord but not sure what bulb types I will need. Can somebody please let me know. Had a search but nothing specific found
  9. shab_the_man

    After Market Sat Nav upgrade

    So my mate was at me asking what he could do with his standard non sat nav unit. We decided at the time to install a double din Xtron unit which would replace the cubby box. Install of that can be seen at this thread So after a year or so the xtron seemed to loose its quality and my friend...
  10. shab_the_man

    Slight knock on front drivers side

    Guys Recently noticed a slight knock coming from driver side wheel when going over bumps. I have changed the ARB link but the knock is still there. What do you think it could be? Maybe compliance bush?
  11. shab_the_man

    Adjustable rear adjustable Camber arms

    Guys Just found these for anyone wanting to fix the rear camber issues on the accord. I may get a set but not sure if they will fit the 7th gen. It does say it will fit the 2003-2007 Accord but again not sure. Anyone know if they will fit?? RearCamberKit
  12. shab_the_man

    Honda Accord Euro R Mirrors

    Well guys its been a little while since I modified the old Accord. With Oz selling up his Accord I asked if he still had his power fold mirrros which in my amazement he said he did. We had a short conversation and I purchased them for a nominal fee. They were soon packed up and sent down to me...
  13. shab_the_man

    Front fog lights stopped working

    right guys, today I changed some bulbs and had the bumper off, when everything was back togeother my front fog lights were not working. Now Jav was round and he mentioned that when we took the bumper off the relay was not attached so I think I must of forgotten to attach it back to its place...
  14. shab_the_man

    Brown Royal Wheel cleaner

    Guys Just came across this and intial thoughts are good. Its called Brown Royal Wheel cleaner. It's a non acid wheel cleaner that removes the hardest of brake dust from the most dirtiest of wheels. Anyone used this at all of heard of anything similiar? Let me know your thoughts guys?