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    Breaking - big end gone

    Got a mate with a diesel tourer. His big end bearing has gone and he wants to scrap it before Christmas. Trying to persuade him to put it on here to see if there's the interest.
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    2003 littlebro remap ukcl9

    So I had my 2003 cl9 remapped today. Many thought it wasn't possible, but believe me it is! I'll keep the review short DO IT after b16, k20 and f20 the k24 was, well disappointing. Lazy, slow and pointless vtec. My biggest grip was the vtec 'lag', followed by hitting the limiter, changing and...
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    Coilover Group Buy (FAO Mods)

    I after some coilovers, pretty much decided on BC racing. Managed to find a company that will do for just under £600 delivered which seems like a good price. I have emailed them with regards to a group buy to see if as a forum we could get a group buy discount. I know there was one before and...
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    Osram H1 Night breaker

    Has or is anyone using the H1 Osram Night Breaker Bulbs for high beam?
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    Coilovers HSD or BC?

    Anyone have experience with HSD coilovers? At £565 from driftworks it's a good price. BC Racing for £600 (H Tune)
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    Urgent wheel help

    Just about to do a deal on some wheels. Am I going to have Issues with 18x8 +42? Is the offset a little high?
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    K20 Head

    I keep hearing about 'slipping on' a K20 head. After owning b16, K20 and F20 the K24 is a bit of a dull vtec, yes I love the torque, yes it is a luxury car etc but I miss that vtec bang, changing gear and still being in vtec. I'm struggling to find any information which is useful about a K20...
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    Does the grill from an 06-08 fit a 2003?
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    Bike Carrier

    Any recommendations on cycle carriers? I have one but I can't get it to fit with the spoiler. Any other options?
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    Chrome Bonnet grill thingy removal

    I really hate this chrome strip on the bonnet, part of the grill. I want to remove it but I'm scared of what I might find underneath. Is it a simple bonding job or will it require respraying once removed? Has anyone done this and possible shed some light on it please. Thanks