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    Power Steering Hose Woe

    Hi, can anyone help please? My Accord 2.2 tourer is ready to MOT apart from the high pressure power steering hose need replacing. I've got 4 (off ebay) and not one of them fits. Two of them have the holes facing the same way, but they need to face opposite to each other. The other two have...
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    So Sad. Might have to scrap it!

    DU05 ZKW, can get the welding done but the power steering pump leak is beyond me. Any ideas please? Love my car, even though the tailgate is held up by a broom handle.
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    Tourer 2.2 Tailgate B********d

    It actually worked the other day! Stayed up - and kept it up! I could hear an unusual ticking. Did the normal propping it up with a stick and then it stayed erect. Now it can get it up but it doesn't last. Any ideas please?
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    Gone and Got Another One!

    After the pretty one that didn't go much got towed away! This is an 05 with 190k on clock but 'Executive' and it's got a screen I don't know how to use as well as all the other buttons I dont' know how to use. Boot doesn't stay open on this one but I've found a motor on Ebay for £30. Please...
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    It's Gotta Go! 06 2.2 Tourer.

    It's gotta go because it doesn't go. Lots of shiney bits and pieces and a beaut when it's going but I can't trust it and I don't know enough to sort it.. Reg DA06NYM. Been offered 202 scrap but it's too good for that. Post on this thread if you want it.