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    What are these called and where can I find them

    The standard alloy covers are around 5cm in diameter (at least on the ones I have here). If they are not Honda OE then you may have to look for the manufacturer website or country distributor for a replacement
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    Catalytic converter theft

    Probably not. They are the victims, the 'absence of a Robin Hood' complex is now endemic in UK law.
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    Car runs well without air filter, but with new air filter it won't rev over 3k. 2.2 cdti tourer.

    Could you get hold of an aftermarket filter (perhaps off another car), something like S+B / K+N that passes more air through ?
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    Honda Diesel 2007 air con problem

    Have you swopped the relays over ?
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    Highest Mileage

    Surely Honda already have something up their sleeve that is ULEZ compliant, though it may not be in these waters quite yet. No tourers planned though
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    B1031 Error

    A scanner is unlikely to tell you the exact issue, how good is the topdon on earlier faults with your Accord ?
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    Survey: When Do You Change Motor Oil???

    Oil changes are the cheapest way of keeping the moving parts going, If you think you have missed a service interval do it straight away. With Hondas, whever you can afford it and they will keep your back.
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    200,000 Mile Club

    Back on thread - Tourer is currently at 177200 and running well (no aircon and seats are taking a battering as I carry all sorts inside). Lower annual milage as I can no longer get into the capital without the Khan tax, the wife's car screws him and Londoners on that one despite chucking out...
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    200,000 Mile Club

    Slight thread diversion My ABS/VSA lights only disappear after the car has rolled a few metres forward, never when the engine is started. THe garage has said this year they cannot pass it until the fault is fixed. I will be buying some new sensor cables over the next few weeks (two were...
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    Having trouble with BlowBy

    Can you hear anything different to normal under the bonnet ?
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    Front fog lights

    Strange, the advert mentions 60mm in two places.
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    Clock issue since new year

    The 17th according to the epoch manual
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    Clock issue since new year

    There is no cure from Honda, it will be a self fix on the day the satnav counter rolls over, in August.
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    Front fog lights

    Worth the money if they fit the space.
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    Diagnostic Scanners for 7th Gen

    Please try the dashboard test while waiting for delivery.
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    5F10 unknown fault code, limp mode, seeking for advice

    Probably not, but it may give readings that are different to the diagnostic kit which could give additional clues.
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    5F10 unknown fault code, limp mode, seeking for advice

    You could try the dashboard diagnostic test, it should provide more codes that might give clues to the real issue.
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    K24 engine in both the Mk7 and Mk8 2.4l petrol tourers.

    Some info further down the page Absolutely no guarantee the figures are true or how long the engines stay in one piece.
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    K24 engine in both the Mk7 and Mk8 2.4l petrol tourers.

    Different compression, not sure if piston, cylinder head mods, or both.
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    Gears hard to engage

    Contamination or perhaps air has got into the fluid.