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    my car got vandalised last night :(

    Stayed in aylesbury last night, woke up to leave and someone has broken the spoiler on my EX tourer, which has also broken the nozzle that sprays water onto the rear glass. :( For the cost of a spoiler and the panel that holds the water jet, am I better off replacing out of my pocket or going...
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    Potential Bluetooth Fix! I found this thread while looking for some info on the HFT module part number. Some readers claim that a faulty capacitor may be at fault, while others suggest that random dry solder joints may be the cause. It's a huge thread with a lot...
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    first drive in my accord estate observation.

    Is it a perception thing or does everyone pull up to my bumper in traffic? About 3 cars looked like they're trying to impregnate me. I've owned a lwb shogun before but drivers avoided me like the plague. I've just stopped driving my smart car (still for sale BTW) so this is a shock to the...
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    moisture in headlamp

    I'm sure my mechanic will be able to sort it, but is there an easy way of removing moisture from a headlamp and sealing it correctly? I've read about adding additional clips but if there is a way of clearing the headlight I would like to learn a new skill and do it myself!
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    cheap parking aids and reverse cameras..any good?

    I've seen steelmate kits with 8 sensors, digi display and a sensor that activates front parking aids when driving below 6mph for £200. I ***ume these are quality kits as they are popular amongst fitters. Then I've seen kits of similar spec on amazon for about £36. Are they any good? Are they a...