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    Auxiliary drive belt length

    Can someone confirm the shorter belt length for diesel please?
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    Accord Noise

    Can anyone help pinpoint the origin of this noise? It started last year for a week or two and then went away but has recently restarted. Doesn't change with engine speed and I think it is coming from the alternator or ac compressor. Thanks!
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    DIY Installation of WAECO MagicComfort MSH601 Retrofit Insert Seat Heater

    DIY Installation of WAECO MagicComfort MSH601 Retrofit Insert Seat Heater Having got fed up with the unreliable and ugly heated seat covers, I recently decided to invest in a proper retrofit seat heater that requires some dismantling of the seat and seat cover. The pack I got is only for the...
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    Where to connect heated car seats?

    I'm thinking of retro fitting heated car seats. Where would be the best place to connect the power supply? The ones I've looked at have a pre-wired "loom" (they don't connect into the cig lighter). Thanks.
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    Auto Window Up/Down Function

    The drivers side auto window up/down function on my '05 accord has stopped working (where you press the button down fully and release and the window will go fully down by itself). Anyone else had this issue and is it likely to be just the switch or the motor?
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    Rear Brake Pads

    Heard a rubbing noise coming from the passenger rear wheel. I know this wheel has been binding a bit, not too bad but the wheel was getting a bit warm. Anyway, thought the brakes were sticking so jacked the car up and seen what I thought was a stone stuck between the disc and stone guard...
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    Light Tapping Sound

    Does anyone else get a light tapping noise from their i-CTDII, 2nd gear about 1500-1700 rpm? It sounds like it might be noisy injectors. Timing chain and manifold were done at 65k (now on 94k), and oil is changed every 6k with 0W-30. Oil level is spot on. Doesn't do it when revved and...
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    Issue starting/stopping?

    Firstly, my accord has never been very smooth at stopping, sometimes goes off with like a but of a clatter and shake but I just live with it. This morning when I got into work, turned it off and it was like an extra bad judder/squeak. Thought thats a bit rough so waited and restated. Took longer...
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    Maximum weight

    Whats the max weight the accord saloon can carry, i.e. max i can put in the boot and 2 passengers? The manual says to check the plate in the engine bay but mine only has 4 weights with no indication as to which weight is for what.
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    Wobble/judder when accelerating

    Just noticed today that under hard acceleration (around 3000 rpm), my accord has developed a bad wobble through the steering wheel. It goes away as soon as I change gear and is fine at steady speed. Only noticed it under hard acceleration. Any ideas?
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    Poor Handling (Understeer)

    Maybe its because I used to drive MGs, but I'm finding the handling from the accord a little disappointing on roundabouts. Understeer is very quick to happen at anything over 40mph (talking about decent sized roundabouts here!). Even with new winter tyres - goodyear ug7+ which should be one of...
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    Headlight Bulbs

    Had a headlight bulb blow (along with a tail light - must be getting to that age!). Am wondering what you guys are using? Stick with Honda bulbs? In the past have found the "extra" bright bulbs to be a waste, lasted no length of time. Lings are quoting £6ish for a H1, I guess my local dealer...
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    16" Tyre Pressures

    Just downsized to 16" with Goodyear Ultragrip 7 winter tyres. As my drivers door sticker only shows pressures for the 17" rims, was wondering what the standard tyre pressures for the 16 is?
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    Penta Tyres

    Sorry for yet another tyre post! Can everyone with Pentas post what tyres they are running and how the car feels on the road? I changed from Goodyear GSD3s due to horrendous tramlining. Changed to Goodyear Optigrips, tramlining more or less gone. But they have a real tendancy to be very...
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    3rd Gear Problem

    I sometimes have a bit of problem selecting 3rd gear. All other gears are ok and smooth enough, its just 3rd can sometimes need an extra hard push or doesn't fully go in. Have just got the gearbox oil changed and its no different. Is there any other easy things to look at without having to...
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    Outside Temperature Haywire

    My outside thermometer has been reading fine except this morning. Started off at 12 (which was ok), suddenly dropped to 1, then back up to 9, then down to -7 :lol: Theres no way the actual outside temperature was going like this. Stayed low but eventually came back up to twelve again. Think...
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    Scangauge II Review

    The Scangauge II is an onboard computer that connects directly into the OBDII port on your car. The Scangauge has 3 main features: Diagnostics, Real Time Gauge readouts and a Trip Computer. The device is very easy to set up. Just plug it into the OBDII port and turn the ignition on. The...
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    Timing Chain?

    Guys, had my timing chain done about 5k miles ago and new oil and filter (0w-30 of course) done at that time as well. Before it was done, there was a sort of like slight engine rattle at low revs which was most noticable in first gear. Hadn't noticed after the timing chain was done. But have...
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    Adjustable Steering Wheel!

    For the last 4 months since I got the Accord I have never been truely happy with the driving position. For my arms to be comfortable I had to have the seat that far forward my knees where hitting the wheel. Putting the seat back a bit left my arms feeling quite tired after a while. I always...
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    Diesel Service Fluids

    Does anyone know roughly how much brake fluid is required for a fluid change? Also, am I best to keep with the honda stuff or is it ok to go for the stuff OPIE sell (coolant, brake and gear box)? Thanks.