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    Sat nav DVD player

    Hi all I want to replace my faulty sat nav DVD player with one i found for sale that has the model number 39540-TL4-GO10-M1.My player is model number 39540-TLO-GO10-M1. The connections at the back seem to be identical.Its just that TL4 in the model number that I'm concerned about.Anyone know...
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    Music tracks list

    Hi, I am using a usb 3 to play my music. When i scroll down the list there iis a 4-6 sec delay in showing up the next 10 or so tracks..I would need to scroll very slowly in order for the tracks to show up continuously which is a pain.I have tried the same usb in a BMW and it shows all the...
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    recall question

    Took the car in for the airbag recall.was told some windscreen trim needed replacing and the parts needed to be ordered.I was given an appointment after three weeks.What I wanted to know is which trims are these. The only ones I can think of are on the sides colour coded and seem to be loose...
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    Auto folding mirror

    Hi, my passenger side mirror folds intermittently now after i misjudged and hit it with the mirror of a parked car.In order to get it to fold i have to press the mirror fold button a few times until it engages.Anyone ever had the same problem or have a fix for this please. Thanks
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    Micro sd card for storing tracks

    Hi all, im using an 8gb sandisk micro sd card inserted in a usb adapter for music .The problem is that the tracks list seem to load very slowly on the screen when i scroll up or down.Iv tried using an 8gb usb stick also but it says unsupported.Im wondering whether the micro sd is too slow.Any...
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    Keyless entry

    Hi all, just bought an accord es gt model. Its an 08 plate and would just like to know whether it has the keyless entry system. Was checking on autotrader and a car with same spec had this.if so how does it work. Cheers