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    Engine rebuild tips.

    I have a 2006 accord with a k24a3 engine with 80k miles on, unfortunately the body is not as long lasting as the engine so it is time to send it to the great rustyard. Love the car so much I went and got another mk7 2.4 on a 2007 plate with the same engine but has 180k miles on. Thinking I can...
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    Hope this is the right place to post a question, if not admin can you point me to the right place please?

    2007 facelift 2.4 cl9 intermittent alarm annoying issue I want to solve, has anyone else come across this? I always unlock car using key fob it disarm alarm and unlocks no issue I then start car and the red alarm indicator on the dash lights up for a couple of seconds then goes out. It makes no...