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    Engine Oil For Hot Climate?

    Hi guys. I have a 2006 Accord Ex with 130K miles on the clock. I wanted to know all your opinions regarding engine oil. I know the manual and many swear by 0w30 but will this be a bit too thin for warm climate? I live in Malta and in Summer here we get temps ranging from 30C - 36C and the lowest...
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    DIY Electromagnetic Parking Sensor

    Hi, guys this is my first ever DIY write up so please be kind :) . I took the photos with my phone and are a bit of low quality so sorry in advance. The level of difficulty is moderate. I don't have details on how to remove the rear bumper but I'm pretty sure there is one around here which...
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    Body Moldings

    Hi guys, I finally found a nice 2007 diesel Accord :-). The only thing that I really hate about it is the side and bumper moldings. Super ugly! Does anybody know how these can be removed? Or if they leave holes? I hope they are just held with double sided tape.
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    Car without service history

    Hey guys. A while back I posted in the newbie section that I am looking to buy an Accord. Man its tough! Couldn't find the right one. Either too expensive, or I don't like the colour etc. Then I stumble across a 2007 Executive which looked perfect. Nice bronze colour, 18" gun metal wheels...