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  1. Dan Robinson

    Welcome Petrolheads.

    Welcome to a new section for TA members. Dedicated to Type R shenanigans. Please post away with experiences and Type R specific technical questions and advice. A few pics wouldn't go a miss either. Just remember to keep it all legal and enjoy that VTEC action.
  2. Dan Robinson

    Happy Honda-kun

    Finally got round to servicing the car today. Even treated it to a new set of boots on the front. I don't care what anyone says, fresh oill and some decent tread on the wheels make a whole new driving experience. Will post a little vid up later of the fresh oil (people were worried about Exol...
  3. Dan Robinson

    Language Timothy....

    Can we keep a check on the swearing please people. Started to notice things slipping a little again. Tah muchly :D
  4. Dan Robinson

    Parking Sensors

    As some may know, the missus decided she wanted essence of Lexus along our nearside, but I wasn't too happy, so sent Honda-kun off for an insurance repair. At the same time I have Essence of Holdcroft removed from the front end by ordering from our friends at HH a colour matched bumper - cheers...
  5. Dan Robinson

    Forte Advanced Diesel Treatment.

    Does anyone have any opinions on this stuff. My neighbours mechanic some took pity on me this afternoon with the brakes and gave me a bottle - they are charging Merc drivers £15 a shot for this stuff as part of the service.
  6. Dan Robinson

    Tourer rear Brake change

    Ok. Full write up of changing the discs and pads of the Tourer. I just used Honda stock pads and discs as it seemed a little daft upgrading the rears which really do little real braking. First off – get the car on stands and remove the wheels. Next – Callipers. Remove the two nuts at the...
  7. Dan Robinson

    tourer rear brake shenanigans!

    well hoping someone can help me a little... Was setting to with my rear discs... Carefully taking pictures for a right up when I hit a mjor problem. I can't get the damn disc off the hub. Hand brak is off. Disc spins fairly easily - although I hate that stone guard thingy. As soon as I...
  8. Dan Robinson

    UK vs. US.

    Just a quicky... Were the UK and US versions of the Accord the same for the 4th and 5th Gens, or did they get a different version to us?
  9. Dan Robinson

    Manifold replacement instructions.

    Removal 1.Remove the engine cover. 2. Remove the catalytic converter bracket, then remove the catalytic converter. 3. Remove the breather hose and vacuum hoses. 4. Remove the vacuum line from the cylinder head cover. 5. Remove three bolts securing the cover. 6. Remove the cover. 7. Remove...
  10. Dan Robinson

    My little session today

    Well had a good couple of hours with the snow foam, lambs wool mit, and Turtle Wax/Shampoo 2-in-1 and a chamois. Bare in mind it had spent nearly two weeks in an open air car park near Heathrow so had this lovely fine dust that we only seem to get in this country. I was itching to have a good...
  11. Dan Robinson

    Would you do this to your engine bay?
  12. Dan Robinson

    Corrosion Warranty

    Righty oh... curious as to how far this goes. Have been washing the car a lot recently making the most of good weather and getting to grips with low level detailing: However, I have notice two or three spots, one on the roof, two on the side. They are smaller than peppercorn size; but...
  13. Dan Robinson

    Front Disc change

    Got my EBC grooved brakes and green stuff pads this morning. Spent a couple of hours this afternoon changing them. This is the first time I have done this to a car so was a bit nervous - but thanks to our custom google search and alnugs write up it went OK. Now some of you may notice in...
  14. Dan Robinson

    A/C hose failure

    Well, after a successful fuel filter change it seems to have gone downhill in other regions. On top of the gear change issues, I noticed this afternoon that one of the bigger A/C hoses has failed (part number 80311SEFE12 (80311-SEF-E12): It's leaking on this connector. I'm looking at £150+...
  15. Dan Robinson

    Difficult to change down through the gears

    I began to notice a good while ago that changing down through the gears is getting harder. It's not all the time, and it is not necessarily when driving hard. The main problems are 3 to 2, and 5 to 4. Reverse and first can sometimes be an issue. The transmission oil was done last year at...
  16. Dan Robinson

    Creeky Tailgate

    Just noticed today that the ol' tailgate is getting creeky when closing. Any recommendations on the best thing to lube it with?
  17. Dan Robinson

    A-Spec sitting higher at the front

    Well, after seeing some beautifully poised members' cars (JavJav, Muitsap, Discodave and Govetec) recently, as well as talking to a few other members. the fact that my A-Spec is sitting higher at the front by around 15mm (from memory) is starting to annoy me a bit. The handling is great. The...
  18. Dan Robinson

    iPod adapter

    We have owned our Accord for over a year and have had a very good ipod cradle that charged it, but would not play through the stereo. I thought this was odd, but then Honda didn't seem to understand how to connect an iPod to the PSS, a local ICE firm were equally clueless and insisted the only...
  19. Dan Robinson

    Laser Alignment

    Well, I am being evicted today...:( So the missus can OCD our house. So I have decided to get the alignment checked on the car; seeing as it hasn't been done since the A-Spec got fitted, and it does pull a little to the left. I noticed some weights have come off some of the rims as well, so...
  20. Dan Robinson

    TA Shirts

    With a lot of hard work the Admins and TA Friends have come up with both a sticker and a Polo Shirt. [Edit by Alnug] - for the sticker please follow this stickers link Prices are to be set as cost of production depends on the numbers involved. Please can be people register their interest...