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  1. shab_the_man

    Missing a speakers in rear doors in Honda Accord 07 S-type

    On a previous car I had the same issue. I installed new speakers in the doors but cutting the blanking panel and installing the speakers. Wiring wise ran new wires to rear shelf speaks from what I recall. It was a while back though
  2. shab_the_man

    Any plumbers on here

    Will try that, thanks for the advice
  3. shab_the_man

    Any plumbers on here

    Hi Wondering if we had any plumbers on here who could help advise me on an issue I’m having. Seem to be suffering from what is known as ‘water hammering’ when closing taps upstairs in the house. Never had this before and recently started. Any ideas on fix/investigation?
  4. shab_the_man

    New Purchase - New Project

    Very nice
  5. shab_the_man

    Automatic gearbox problem

    My second question is did you get warranty with the car when you bought it? If you did you could maybe claim off that
  6. shab_the_man

    Automatic gearbox problem

    You really need to take it to a transmission specialist who can look at it. We’ve not had any auto problems on here for the Accord. You’ve done the obvious by changing the fluids etc.
  7. shab_the_man

    Your thoughts on the sound of my cdti please...

    Sounds ok to me, how often do you change the oil?
  8. shab_the_man

    Stolen Exhaust

    I suspect you may need to have other parts of the exhaust relaxed as it won’t be just a bolt back in job. If they have cut it off then there will be no flanges for the car to bolt back to. However an exhaust specialist can advise and maybe even get round this
  9. shab_the_man

    jumping out of gear

    I ran a VW Passat which had a crunch when coming from 4th to 3rd so decided to go 4th to 2nd instead. Ran that for 2+ years like that
  10. shab_the_man


    Does sound like you have bought a bad one. These cars are awesome if looked after and by far this is one of the best diesels of its time. Maybe get some diagnostics done it to determine if it has a problem.
  11. shab_the_man

    Try again ! Heated seat fault, can anyone help please ?

    Could be a faulty switch. Try unplugging the switch for a few days and see what it does
  12. shab_the_man

    Someone please try this

    There is a illumination knob adjustment which turns up and down the clocks lights. That has a setting to dim down when you turn lights on. When you turn it you can feel it lock a little
  13. shab_the_man

    jumping out of gear

    From the symptoms sounds like a synchro issue with 5th gear. Either way will need to strip gearbox to find out which can be costly. Maybe a second hand box will be better. Labour wise it will take a good few hours to do, maybe all day.
  14. shab_the_man

    Rear right abs sensor Accord 2004 2.0i

    Hello Does anyone know the part number for a rear right (drivers side) abs sensor which will fit a 54reg Accord 2.0 I-vtec? Thanks
  15. shab_the_man

    stiff clutch pedal

    If the clutch is standard then a stiff clutch pedal can point towards the clutch pressure plate. This over time can degrade and cause a stiff pedal. You won’t find a slip until the clutch is going in most cases. I remember my clutch pedal was stiff in my Accord and after a clutch change the...
  16. shab_the_man

    Relays in passenger arch

    I’m sure it’s something to do with the front fog lamps.
  17. shab_the_man

    Anyone breaking?

    would have a look on ebay.
  18. shab_the_man

    Intermittent Wiper Fault

    Are you running these when it’s dry? If so I suspect you have rain sensors which are restricting the wipers to run with it not detecting water. Try hosing the car down whilst it’s on that setting
  19. shab_the_man

    Clutch change help

    are you referring to the DMF (Dual mass flywheel). Need to know what car it is as the petrol flywheel is less prone to wear and failure.