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  1. 93 accord

    1990 4th.Gen to give away FREE

    I cant possibly hoover up any more 4th gens lol. Ive already sorted out 2 members on here so for that reason im out. Good luck.
  2. 93 accord

    H22 conversions

    Dont get all twisted up, I am just supporting the other side of the spectrum. The guy just wants to modify, not just buy a atr. And that i support. Along with the older Accords on this forum too. Becuase not many others will bother.
  3. 93 accord

    H22 conversions

    One thing you need to be sure about is, are you going to enjoy the process of installing the H22, or are you really after the end result? Swapping is alot of effort, and its only made easy if either you happy to blow money to pay for labour or enjoy doing it your self. Lucky for me theres big...
  4. 93 accord

    1990 - only blowing hot air

    Cool air switch, is the accords climate control. On cool, it blows cool out of the front too vents even if the system is set to hot. Keep feet warm face cool for example.
  5. 93 accord

    Radical question from a bored BMW owner

    4th gen accord 5th gen accord Rover 600 are the same underneath. 4th gen accords had the 4ws version. This provides the important extra room in the centre tunnel for a propshaft. Ive put a skyline engine in a Mx5 which which didnt fit to start with. But was at least rwd to start with. I also...
  6. 93 accord

    BC Racing - BR Coilovers - 2003 Accord Tourer, 2.4

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the tweakability. Ride height collar adjustment is useful to adjust height while retain damper travel. But with any adjustments to preload collar or ride height, comes corner weights. Raise a corner adds weight to that corner. And it works in diagnals. Also...
  7. 93 accord

    BC Racing - BR Coilovers - 2003 Accord Tourer, 2.4

    Start with a spanner check. Just make sure nothing has come loose, or was loose from the beginning. Check top mounts at the rear, those adjustable platforms, and more simple stuff. Also trim in the boot.
  8. 93 accord

    BC Racing - BR Coilovers - 2003 Accord Tourer, 2.4

    Glad you are enjoying your new purchase. You are right coilovers changes the car massively. Oem to lowering springs is just a small step compared to lowering springs to coilovers, let a lone oem to coilovers. People these days are too obsessed with remaps, and call the car modded. If the car...
  9. 93 accord

    What to do with 4th Gen Aerodeck?

    Sadly for £100 people are likely bidding on it for a particular part. Then take few easy sell bits off it and then scrap it. Thats the honest truth. The key issues why this isnt selling is the chassis issues and engine issues. From my point of view this is a shame. But unless you are a 4th gen...
  10. 93 accord

    4th gen stereo removal

    Got to go and take the ash tray out. Then under there deep in is fixings for the black pocket. The radio is connected to a bracket on the black pocket. For extra help in the area, check out my DIY in this section for dash removal.
  11. 93 accord

    HELP please guys. Oil consumption

    Vtecs use oil. Its fine. Make sure its always near the top marker. Never be scared to redline a Honda. You bought the wrong car if so.
  12. 93 accord

    1990 Suspension components

    First issue is you cant tell the condition of the arms when they are that dirty. Pressure wash the arches. Rattle a cloth around on the arms. I bet they are not as rusty as they look. But that is the rear upper control arm. Buy in pairs dont bother just doing 1. You can get basic arms with ball...
  13. 93 accord

    1990 Suspension components

    I should add, dont mess about with buying new single bushes. 80% of the time you can buy arms with installed new bushes from the places i mentioned above. Particularly if you are planning to pay laybour rather that roll about the floor your self.
  14. 93 accord

    1990 Suspension components

    Hardrace is high quality and future proof your car. Its hardened rubber bushes. Which is halfway house from oem rubber and polybush. Ebay for basics, Energy suspension for polybushes. Also for some Honda bits and bobs check H-tune out. Also lings Honda has exploded drawings of suspension...
  15. 93 accord

    Brake splash shields

    Yes, the sheilds in a tarmac motorsport environment are actually a negative. They become a heatsink, and create uneven cooling on the inside face of the disc. Brake ducts directing cold air into the centre of a directional finned disc sorts most of this out. But temps on track quickly get to...
  16. 93 accord

    4th Gen tail/brake lights

    They are different. They are longer. Also 90-91 are different to 92-93. You can get red/clears on us ebay sometimes they pop up on uk ebay.
  17. 93 accord

    Paul J Smith Detailing - BMW Enhancement Detail

    Thats come out very well, good work!
  18. 93 accord

    Car stopped on the road

    Yeah thats the balancer belt. The belt its self is not critical to engine operation. ( mine is removed permanently) however if it fails it throws it self about and it lives right next to the timing belt and normally causes issues. be sure the timing belt is not got damage on it anywhere
  19. 93 accord

    End of road of my atr.

    Atr stuff sells quick if you got a place to store it break it. You wont get anything for the shell if it has no motor or gearbox. But the engine and gearbox will make you more.