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  1. 93 accord

    4th gen feature in magazine

    Great write up and story, with great pictures Car is clean!
  2. 93 accord

    Complete Dash Removal Non-Airbag 4th gen Accord

    Had this situation come up where i had to remove 2 dashes in a 2 day window, so thought for the 2nd one id take pics of it. There didnt seem to be any DIYs on this so i thought id fill the gap. This is for any CB, but this one is a RHD CB3 UKDM NON AIRBAGGED ACCORD, but is exactly the same and...
  3. 93 accord

    6th gen rear seats

    Do the rear seats from a 5 door hatchback fit the 4 door saloon? Also can i confirm the Type V came in both hatchback and saloon right? I also ***ume the cream leather only was an option in Type Vs?
  4. 93 accord

    Need to hunt this guy down to join!

    found this picture on pistonhead thread, 2010, so not too old, maybe he still has it, i pmd him to join, looks scary close styling to mine! The cheek haha! I love it. Its a prefacelift model, with a mk1 laguna front lip, and sideskirt lines, which i think is a nice little touch, and the jap...
  5. 93 accord

    Snow foam formula

    Can it be done, my pressure washer has a bottle on it, that you can fill up, and a setting on the lance to spray a mixture of solution and water at a low pressure, i think most half decent pressure washers do this. My question is can i get away with putting snow foam in that rather than buying...
  6. 93 accord

    Detailing guide

    Found this guide online, more of a pic based flow chart, but easy to follow, outlines when you use certain products in what order. Great for the detailing enthusiasts. For example a possible list of products (in italic are products I use): 1- Meguiars Wash and Wax 2- Bilt Hammer Clay 3-1-...
  7. 93 accord


    Well after realising that the difference between polish cleaners, sealants and glazes are all very small and the line between them are very blurred, i thought i needed to see if glazes are worth it or not. I have gone a bought some Poorboys Black Hole, which is a glaze for dark paints. Now...
  8. 93 accord

    Mist jet washer nozzles

    There are Hondas out there, mostly 2000 onwards, that the windscreen washer jets spray a mist onto the screen rather than a jet of water. This i like and wish to change on mine. Anybody any ideas how i can find out which model Hondas run these. For starters, do the 7th 8th gen Accords have them?
  9. 93 accord

    Caravan cleanage!

    Right well in summary this is a caravan of ours it minty fresh inside, but the outside is pure sewage, thanks to 2 years of standing outside coverless. today was just getting the main sewage of, then a proper detail is in order. Get the rags and potions out Right whats the situation then...
  10. 93 accord

    6th gen rear seats

    Can someone confirm if the rear seats on the 6th gen on the hatchback are the same or different? I search google, just getting American 6th gen stuff pop up, which is pointless as its completely different
  11. 93 accord

    Nice Beeding shot

    Caught a glimpse of the car after some rain, thought i take picture.
  12. 93 accord

    A Spec suspension Spring rates.

    I would like to know if someone knows, or can get hold of the Front and Rear spring rates for this kit? Dont worry i know the kit is for 7th gen only, but ive been talking to someone, and they reckon the spring rate is only 10% stiffer!? Also i suppose if you guys have the stock suspension...
  13. 93 accord

    Setting Base Idle Properly

    This DIY can help with a number of things: Low Idle, Shutting down engine at Idle, Vacuum leak diagnoses, IACV check. Its a DIY because it only involves a screwdriver! 1) Start engine, let it get fully warm 2) When at normal warmed up temp, remove electrical connector off IACV. Engine will...
  14. 93 accord

    Spring Rates

    I have been discussing this on another forum, thought it would be good info for here also. Basically, its the very basic fundamentals of working out spring rate. (prerequisite is you know the stock spring rate.) So for example if your looking into a 2" drop and want to know what springs to...
  15. 93 accord

    Wheel arches

    Im trying to sort out my wheel arches, they are clean etc, but if you shine headlights say at the wheels the arch it self looks greyish looks very unappealing, wondering if anyone got tips to make the arches stay black? So far ive tryed back to black, and ive sprayed the satin black (just...
  16. 93 accord

    Dodo & poor boys at Autosport

    Well I came across Poor boys and Dodo Juice stands at the Autosport show at NEC on Sunday, and they present them selves very differently! Dodo Juice had a great crazy sign with dreadlocked Americans with crazy glasses on with tester pots to smell. Poor Boys on the other hand simple sign, 3...
  17. 93 accord

    Wax options

    Basically Im sick to death of this stuff (in gold tin) Its got good reviews, but the reality is its too hard to apply, it dries in 3seconds, meaning you cant do much of an area...
  18. 93 accord

    Thailand 4th gen scene

    Here is a forum that only Thailand people are allow to be member of, they are very touchy about it, but you can still look, complete on their own not following the USDM fashions. See if you can spot some similarity on all them haha. (rear ride height, exhuast, engine) and Theres parts on their...
  19. 93 accord

    Meguiars Detail Your Car Guide

    This is a semi sales pitch from Meguiars, but put that aside when reading, this is a very informative guide. I use megs alot not the best but very good quality for the money, also they are around the corner from me in Daventry :P Edit: Opps thanks Carl, heres the link...
  20. 93 accord

    Customised 4th gen pics

    >> Admins move this if possible to members gallery or something. Thought I was in there when posted clearly not lol :) Ok thought Id share some of the best 4th gens from (a 4th gen only forum) These wont be to all tastes but there is no Rice or Chav stuff here, all heavy money...