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  1. Paul

    Is it me or is the Honda Nav rubbish?

    i've always found with sat navs they take you to the nearest main road and then guide you from that point also you can't beat local knowledge which these things don't have but they are good for getting you to places when you don't know where you are
  2. Paul

    What is this window clip

    i would guess at something like stopping wind noise
  3. Paul

    dedicated plug for tow bar electrics

    like this here
  4. Paul

    dedicated plug for tow bar electrics

    no there isn't just one plug but if you google it you can find 7 pin sockets wired with the correct plugs on to plug in the back of the various light units
  5. Paul

    Double DIN Install

    can you post some pictures of the connectors on the head unit it might just a case of getting an adapter lead
  6. Paul

    Is it possible to connect a DVD player to the sat-nav screen?
  7. Paul

    What exactly do I need to fit a set of RX8 alloys

    i thought you needed spigot rings as the hole in the middle is bigger
  8. Paul

    facelift i-ctdi Alternator pulley replacement

    nice write up just 1 question why did you take the whole alternator to bits?
  9. Paul

    Rubbing strips for the doors - Yay or Nay?

    i have put them on mine not sure on cost from Honda as I found my genuine set on ebay. google "accord city pack" and it finds plenty
  10. Paul

    Dual intercooler i-ctdi

    the other thing to think about which they do on Evo's is spray water onto the intercooler to cool it down. you basically have another washer bottle and a pump to spray the water with a button inside the car you could probably use the water from your original washer bottle
  11. Paul

    Air Con Compressor

    theres pressure in the system but was there enough? i'd get a regas done before you do anything else like pulling plugs off and shorting out if it still doesn't work after a regas then thats the time to start pulling things apart
  12. Paul

    Air conditioning not working

    i wouldn't leave it connected (bridged) as the pressure switch normally does low and high pressure so it might over pressure and blow something up
  13. Paul

    Brake fluid

    i have to say i've never seen any other DOT of brake fluid for sale (not that I go looking) other than 4 or 5.1 can you get other types from places like Halfords etc?
  14. Paul

    Air Con Compressor

    you're correct in your ***umption that if the air con pump was seized then when you turned it on the belt would squeal burn or what ever how did he show you there was pressure in the system?
  15. Paul

    EGR blanking

    this is all very interesting but it seems a lot of people have been looking on the net about EGR turning off and blanking and putting links on here and its all about EGR blanking on petrols which is a totally different to EGR blanking on diesels. By feeding the lower oxygen exhaust gas into the...
  16. Paul

    This guy is mad!

    lmao good one though he didn't get many reflection pictures
  17. Paul

    Genuine Euro R colour coded bonnet & grill trim

    well thats just typical is it good enough reason to get it past SWMBO and get a new car?
  18. Paul

    Genuine Euro R colour coded bonnet & grill trim

    It's looking good so far looking forward to the pictures of it all done i've been searching round with the part number etc that you posted but can't find any for my colour :(
  19. Paul

    Penny for your thoughts guys

    i would also guess at wheel bearing does the note alter when you load that side i.e when you steer left and right and put the weight of the car on it?
  20. Paul

    gt suspension change

    i don't see why standard suspension wouldn't fit but why would you want to spoil a GT by doing that best thing would be to trade it and get a standard Accord