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    Check System Error

    I keep getting this message flashing up occasionally.I have already had the battery and alternator checked.Both are operating normally. The only fault code found was for the ultrasonic sensor.Any ideas where to look next?
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    Xcarlink or Grom

    Seeing as my HFT module is faulty and I am badly in need of a hands free device I am trying to decide which of the above to purchase. I do play the occasional tunes from my phone, but will load a playlist onto a memory stick which will stay in the car. I've noticed that Grom has an Android...
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    License plate bulb

    Please can someone tell me how to change the license plate bulb on my 2003 Accord ? I've tried from inside the bootlid with no joy.
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    Soft Brakes

    I noticed recently that my barke pedal felt a bit spongy on my CL9 so I had the brakesystem bled and new brake fluid put in, but still they feel the same. There are no apparent leaks in the system and the brake pads still have plenty friction material left on them. What do I look for next?
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    Parking sensor

    Doe's anyone know where the control box is for the rear parking sensors. Just had some bodywork done and now the sensor makes a constant beep when the car is in reverse. Hope it's just a loose wire!
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    If I purchase a Xcarlink for my 2003 CL9 with satnav. Will I need a splitter cable. and if so why?
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    Heated seat switch bulb

    Doe's anyone remember which bulb is the correct one from Maplins. Couldn't find any info about it on this site.
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    Alarm Siren

    Just realised that my alarm siren is not working in my CL9 Executive. I only found out when i locked my wife in the car for a joke. The ultrasonic sensor must have worked because the lights started flashing but no siren noise. Where do i start looking for the siren?