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  1. Insurgent

    P0087 fuel pressure too low

    Hi, My idtec has gone into limp mode on two occasions recently and the engine management light comes on. After a pause of a minute or two, I start it up again and its back to normal but the engine management lights stays on for at least a day. I have now had the code read and it comes up as...
  2. Insurgent

    Wing Spoiler

    Hi, Since Honda dont do a spoiler for the 8th Gen Accord, I have been looking at other countries/variations. I have found this site which does genuine accessories for the equivalent Acura TSX in the states: Wing Spoiler Has anyone else pondered over a spoiler? I still have to chat with them...
  3. Insurgent

    VSA, Parking Sensors switches

    Hi, I have now invested in an 8th Gen 2.2 i-dtec EX saloon and I am busy playing around with the various switches and options. One thing that did puzzle me was the 3 switches to the right of the steering wheel: 1. disable/enable the interior motions for the alarm 2. disable/enable VSA 3...
  4. Insurgent

    Would not start.....FUEL PUMP!

    Hi, Just thought I would share my experience of when my Accord at 142K miles decided it would not start. It would attempt to start but would fail and it was almost like something was strangling the last bit before it starts. Called the RAC out and after spending almost an hour looking into...