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    What other cars have people got/had

    So the Accord 2.4'S' is the current drive, listing back through them.... EP3 Type-R (never fell in Love with it) 98 Civic Coupe (Great car - wished it was a Vti) F reg Vauxhall Nova Flair (straight swap for Golf - see below) P reg 8v Golf GTI (worst car I've ever owned) 07 Fiesta style...
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    Aftermarket panel airfilters

    Maybe try a decent parts supplier other than Euro (I hate that company) I would hope a reputable Honda specialist like Hond-R or Tegiwa could get it right first time. Some people swear by aftermarket airfilters but I've read tests in the past that conclude you will barely see any gains if at...
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    Accord 2.4 Type S Gearbox noise?

    What, an actual brand new gearbox from Honda?
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    Ozhonda forums shutting down after 15 years

    Numerous forums I've enjoyed over the years have all suffered thanks to Facebook, I think hand held devices over a windows pc is a factor too.
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    Awful German car...

    You have my sympathy re the BMW, however I find when you research these German cars as if you were looking to own, all you read is faults & issues to avoid. You seldom get that with Japanese cars it seems, or rather it's a list of 3 potential issues with the Honda vs about 25 expensive flaws...
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    Advice needed 2.4 exhaust

    Arctic Blue Pearl.
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    Advice needed 2.4 exhaust

    Model? 03 ABP 2.4 Type-S I'm torn between the Fujitsubo Legalis R or Invidia offerings. There is some German options on ebay but I feel it could be a risk what actually turns up & if I'm happy with it. I certainly don't want anything loud, I want quality most of all.
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    Advice needed 2.4 exhaust

    I'm just in the process of deciding which aftermarket system to buy. My std exhaust has been hanging in there for the last 2 years since I bought the car. I need a new front flexi/elbow & the system is pretty rotty.
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    Accord mk7 ctdi - can't justify selling it

    Our beloved Accord's are such competent vehicles, the only plus point I could think of for changing to something more modern in all honesty is the better infotainment/connectivity you get in newer cars. I guess it's retro-fittable with aftermarket stuff these days but achieving a perfect fit or...
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    Advice needed 2.4 exhaust

    I'm an advocate of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' but yours sort of is broke. If you are not happy with it & you wish to improve the car then you clearly wish to swap out the badly repaired part.