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    Its automatic still on same auto box. Unfortunately had to buy a Mercedes now. Need Euro 6 and stopped doing the accord in Europe. Not sure if should get remap on merc its E class Amg what your thoughts Fahad
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    The only thing that failed or should I say was on it's way out was the alternator last month which has been replaced on 290k. I had the dpf removed on 86k by Fahad even though that did not require replacing but had problems on my I-DTEC tourer. Apart from that just bushes,arms,ball joints
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    Well my Ex GT Auto passed the 300k mark this wk still same auto box what a car this has been.
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    DPF options

    I had mine removed with just over 80k by Fahad even before the DPF sign came on,the casing is still in place this was done about 3yrs ago it's now got 260k on Auto Ex Gt I've also got the tourer which also has had the DPF removed about 6yrs ago this has 270k on now(which I will be getting rid...
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    New M.O.T. with DPF removal

    Forgot t mention the car has just short off 245k on
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    New M.O.T. with DPF removal

    My Ex Gt sailed through the mot today 0.14 did not warm the engine nothing added I use tesco fuel.
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    High mileage club?

    Which should I start with. 09 IDTEC Tourer 289k DPF removed on 125k by Fahad. 10 GT EX AUTO Saloon 244k DPF Removed on 90k by Fahad. I sold my 1st Honda to Fahads brother yrs ago with well over 250k on. So with a grand total off over 3/4 off a million miles with the 3 accords I've owned and...
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    Euro 6 emissions

    R there any accord diesels that are euro 6 my last 3 taxis all accords but new regs state euro6 which I believe is 2016 for diesel
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    Best transmission oil for IDTEC auto

    Thanks might as well let dealer do for £75
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    Best transmission oil for IDTEC auto

    I know I'm been lazy how many ltrs m8
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    Best transmission oil for IDTEC auto

    What's the best oil for the IDTEC auto box
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    Yes it is the age old VSA problem

    I've a vsa unit for the right price
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    Fuel filter

    Cheers Fahad thought my mechanic was bonkers I presumed was in same place as tourer
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    Fuel filter

    Can anyone tell me if the fuel filter on the IDTEC auto saloon is in a different position to th IDTEC tourer
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    DPF- My story

    Yesterday my IDTEC Tourer turned 250k. In the early years (2 years ago) I was having issues with the dpf forced regens, Honda UK even changed as a goodwill. A year last June took to Fahad for removal with 127k on clock, the best thing I've ever done. I was a bit scared regards MOTS and taxi...
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    Cheers m8 will wait til I come for the DPF as I'm sure it will go soon, wife just pottering about in it. going to be thr taxi when I retire the tourer. Like a Honda forecourt now 3 accords and a civic.
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    Just bought another IDTEC but auto saloon the SVRS has been turned off is it possible to turn back on and if so how.
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    Limp mode no CEL

    Have you checked the egr is opening,I suspect if you connect hds says it closed
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    You must be getting some message or check system?? It's is a 8th gen
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    Oil capacity for 2.2 idtec