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    Type S i-dtec Turbo query. From Jan's post it looks as though RL0 is the inventory for the 150 horsepower model and RL1 denotes bolt on power parts.
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    Type S i-dtec Turbo query.

    These improvements come from a revised turbocharger, Nothing else in the fuelling system is going to give a 20% increase in power and retain similar reliability/mileage, which is core to Honda ethics.
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    Type S i-dtec Turbo query.

    and the G0XX number is beginning to look like a red herring This listing is for the pictured turbo charger removed from a 2012 Honda Accord 2.2 Diesel 150Bhp N22B1 with a part number of 18900-RL0-G014-M2...
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    Type S i-dtec Turbo query.

    From another forum test So Honda have kindly come along and made a range topping sporty version. Loaded with every extra from the standard range, some lovely sports leather seats and then a bonus 30PS onto the standard lump (so 180PS total), and an extra 30Nm of torque for good measure (so now...
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    Type S i-dtec Turbo query.

    I did mention 'in the main' since a set of larger valves, or playing about with cam profiles isn't going to give 20% more on their own. This seller does appear to infer that the...
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    Type S i-dtec Turbo query.

    I recall the only other power variant (before remapping) would be 132kW which equates to 177 horsepower. Since the two i-dtec engines have similar internal dimensions and compression (N22B / B2), the difference in specified output would be, in the main - down to the bolt on parts, and the...
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    Type S i-dtec Turbo query.

    This one however mentions 110kW
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    Type S i-dtec Turbo query.

    The part numbers you have posted don't tie in with the car on your profile. Anyhow First off THis one states it is for the Type S and is the 177 BHP model. The second flags up a part number of 788131 from the part supplier, but not that it is from a...
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    Not limp home but sort of the same

    Park up at home, switch off ignition Spray some servisol (10) lubricant into the socket of the TPS connector, put wire plug back in and leave for five minutes. Then press throttle up and down for five minutes and go to bed. Take car out for a spin next morning
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    Looking at buying 2.4

    Camchain ?
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    Accelerator response

    Have you checked the cable is relatively tight as it runs up to the throttle position sensor ? There is an adjustment in front of it to take up excess slack.
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    Creaking steering left

    It used to be called a long screwdriver
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    Super low MPG on Tourer '05 2.0 Auto

    With petrol vehicles the first test I would do is check what is coming out of the exhaust, if it smells of petrol then you are looking at incorrect burning ratios as it goes through the system. Check air filter for greasy dirt on the fabric, but also verify the incoming pipe hasn't got crushed...
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    Buying ICDTI 2004 Tourer Need advice

    Issues with mine over the past four years Aircon wheel sensors Abs / car module Earthing issue under bonnet. Engine mount near alternator Check all fluids under the bonnet and look for leaks from the steering circuit, also the rear brakes (near side) for binding. Also the alternator pulley /...
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    Knocking when starting and stopping engine

    Mine starts with a rattle , more often when warm than cold though (short runs to the local town). The only failure picked up in the MOT last year was an engine mount up front and changing that did not improve anything despite me knowing it could have led to something more serious once pointed...
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    2005 Accord 2.2 icdti strange heating problem

    I have same, thouugh it is very rare I get hot air at all. I did 100 miles in a day last week and it was only about 10 miles before the return journey the heater started putting put some warm air. The most annoying thing is the cold air that always ends up on the drivers footwell, I suspect...
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    KB1 Honda Legend 3.5 V6

    Ah, it was the Eventer.
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    KB1 Honda Legend 3.5 V6

    When I started out looking for a replacement car to replace the hatchback, the Legend was one of those I had a look at. I had owned a Toyota Crown in the late 90's and the one thing I didn't like was the cloth upholstery. I took a spin in a very late KA9 - maple wood dash - some four years ago...
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    Stolen catalytic converter

    I trust you did everything you could whilst at the garden centre (CCTV request, and any physical security that is on site), is there any ? Since you do have a relatively narrow window of opportunity, there is a borderline chance that whoever did the deed might have paid for something there...