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  1. mohammed

    Abs on 2006 diesel.

    Hi guys hope you all good and well. Well the accord has been running super dooper since iv changed the pass side drive shaft...only to be short lived by the vsa/abs warning light. As you guys are most probably aware iv changed the vsa module from honda When I first got the car. The symptoms...
  2. mohammed

    hey guys looooong time

    Hi guys/girls hope you all good and well..havent been on here fir ages..will explain in the intro area lol... but got a bit of a problem.. the accord (yes still got her lol)has served me proudly..but for the past few months its developed a wobble between 50-60 under hard accerlation.. had the...
  3. mohammed

    accord 2006 2.2 remapped feels slugish

    Well guys iv had the accord remapped to stage 1 egr off a while back at the ace cafe... after remap it felt brilliant. Recently about last 3-4 weeks its been feeling a bit somehow its gone back to stock??? Now my clutch is slipping here and there but nothing too trouble some...
  4. mohammed

    new item for accord

    well guys the new year is well in (nearly 3 months in)and still no mods :o so i need to get started asap...a special parcel arrived this morning...not going to say what is....(ideas on a postcard lol)but since its raining it not on the car as of yet...but as soon as there is a bit of sun
  5. mohammed


    well guys finally managed got round to getting the hid kit for the accord,i went with 6k as i didnt want it looking too blue or too yellow,ended up buying from a shop near me so if it does fail at any point, the shop will happily replace the faulty part.. well firstly i fixed up the connectors...
  6. mohammed

    Another arm mod ....SPEKER UPGRADE!

    Well guys as you know iv been after a armrest for the accord and i managed to get one today!! :D found the part in a breakers in north london. It was in ok condition but for £30.00 can complain :D,anyways iv been thinking about upgrading the speakers in the accord for a while now,especially the...
  7. mohammed

    anyone know this one...?

    hey guys just a quick question??? was wondering if anyone knows how to tap into the dome/festoon light on the 7 gen accord saloon???
  8. mohammed

    best carnauba wax

    well guys im after some carnauba wax for the car(black pearl) and was wondering what are the best carnauba wax on the market,im a big meguiars fan so didnt want to just pick their products over anything else,so i thought i would ask away please state the best carnauba wax you have used...
  9. mohammed

    cleaning day

    hi guys, the car has been absolutely filthy from all the dust floating over from the Olympic building site, which has been creating a layer of thick after having enough of looking at it,i decided to give it a good wash(using two bucket method and megs gold car wash)then came a layer of...
  10. mohammed

    battery problem

    Hi guys,i went to start my car this morning,when i put my key in it just made a funny noise(not enough power in the battery to crank it)but all the lights came up on the dash board. This also happended the other week,but i thought maybe because i left the car standing for a week,but this time it...
  11. mohammed

    front chin lip spoiler

    hey guys was wondering the thoughts of this product: it is a rubber strip which fits under the front lip,providing protection...
  12. mohammed

    window close mod

    hey guys was wondering if anyone has seen the auto window closing mod: i think this will be great,as some always some how forgets to close the window(after iv already locked up)... i think they have a auto window module like this one...
  13. mohammed

    rear roof spoiler/wind deflector

    hey guys..iv currently got the mugen rep wind deflectors for the front and rear side windows, i was now thinking the rear roof spoiler/wind visor: white painted... please post your opinions guys.....
  14. mohammed

    engine swap

    hey guys, just wondering, when my engine finally comes to the end of its life,is it possible to stick a petrol one in there,like the 2.4/2.0 type s???,considering i have the diesel lump in there at the moment???(prob sound really silly
  15. mohammed

    interior trim clean up

    Hey guys was wondering whats the best way to clean up the interior plastic trims,mine have got scratches etc and looks terriable,was wondering what you guys use?any help would be hugely appriciated.
  16. mohammed

    Double DIN Install

    Hi guys,I recieved my double din car dvd player today(still waiting for the front double din facia to arrive)but was wondering if anyone knows anyone who can install the system in my accord,its got steering wheel functions too and I'm not confident enough to attempting,cutting wires or trying to...
  17. mohammed


    HEY GUYS,(been away for a while,due to exams etc) been looking to change the gear knob in the car for a while, so the search went for one of my all time favourites, the Vti-S metal gear knob(now quite rare too)so mangaed to source a vti-s being broken down for spares and repairs and they STILL...
  18. mohammed


    Hi guys was wondering what camber kits are the guys on ta running, im after a set, so i wanted to know whats the most common type(s) advantages price compatability with the disels etc,so anything on the topic would be hugely appriciated.thanks again guys.sufian.
  19. mohammed

    installing satnav

    hi guys i was wondering if anyone has or knows how difficult it is to install the honda satnav system into a non stanav car, what will i require to make it fully compatable with my vehicle(eg: fully func steering control etc) any info would be great and experinace would be hugely appriciated guys.
  20. mohammed

    Most abbrasive/strongest swirl remover used

    was wondering what is the most abbrasive/strongest swirl remover you guys have used to treat your honda(s).the most abbrasive(taking into consideration the fragile like paint work of hondas)i have used is the megs swirl X/ ...or megs scracth Xv2,i have not used anything much stronger(bit afraid...