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    ULEZ - Ultra Low Emission Zone

    Afternoon all Just carried out a quick vehicle check on the ULEZ - seems like the 8th Gen accord is not compliant and subject to the £12 a day charge starting from April 2019. Am I right in saying this includes the A406 as its not that clear on the TFL site. Anyone checked theirs...
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    Now the rear Wheel Bearing is playing up

    So after fixing the Turbo Actuator and alternator recently, the rear passesnger side wheel bearing is starting to drone. Can anyone point me to a suitable part for it please? or help me with identifying suitable part? Theres quite a few variations with sizing apparently. Thanks
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    8th Gen Alternator DEAD

    Hi Guys This car is starting to give me more and more grief. This time it seems the alternator is dead. Smoke coming out from it. Does anyone have the Honda part number or know where I can get a replacement/repair at reasonable cost? Would this fit...
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    Turbo actuator clean IDTEC

    Hi guys Any guides on how to free up / clean turbo actuator and turbo vanes please? Just had a trip down to Cornwall and the car has thrown a wobbly Any guides appreciated.
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    8th Gen Diesel Saloon

    Hello people Is there a guide on rear discs and pads on the 8th Gen saloon? Apparently has a drum handbrake setup? Also, is the power steering electric or pulley driven? Where abouts is the power steering fluid? Cheers
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    This is why you should change your accord diesel fuel filter

    So the 7th gen has covered about 20,000 miles since the last FF change. I noticed a slight drop in performance which prompted me to change it. Changed it all easy enough a few days ago and the car now feels much better. So lets take a look at what is inside the old filter then: The filter...
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    Another VSA problem

    My turn now it seems. The VSA, triangle and exclamation mark lit up about 3 weeks ago. After restarting the engine they went away. Did this another 4 -5 times. Now the lights stay on. I am hoping its just the passenger rear sensor but will not be able to get it scanned until weekend. I...
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    Machine Polishing

    Been thinking about getting myself a machine polisher for a while. Seen this deal at toolstation which looks pretty good: and the polishing pads are quite reasonable too. Dont fancy paying a tenner or so for a bit of sponge from...
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    Recommend me some 6x9's please

    Hey guys Im looking to upgrade the speaker in the 7th gen. Whats the best way of going about this. The current factory setup sounds quite weak. I dont really want to be wiring up amps caps, etc etc. I was just looking at chaging the rear speakers. They look like 6x9's to me. Anyone...
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    lowering a 7th gen diesel

    Any advice regarding lowering a 7th gen diesel? Which springs and from where??? Seen a few eibach spring kits on ebay around £160 mark and apex £110. Any ideas please guys? Car is sitting on 17s at the mo, may upgrade to 18s in the future so.....
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    Accord Diesel Serviced

    Following the purchase of my sisters accord diesel, I decided to give the car a full service. I went to Pitstart garage in NW london. I rented a ramp and use of all their tools for £80+vat for a whole day, 8am until midnight. I took some of my own tools along too, but to be honest, they were...