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  1. crown_bg

    K24 Timing Chain - Is it the same as for 8th Gen Accord K24?

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if 7th gen K24 timing chain is identical with 8th gen K24? Thanks!
  2. crown_bg

    Accord Tourer 2004 AT CM2

    Hi Guys, Did not manage to find what I'm looking for, and what I"m looking for is - Honda tyre pressure recommendations for 17" wheels with 225/45/17 tyres. Currently fronts are set to 2.4 Atm, rears are set to 2.6 Atm. Thanks!
  3. crown_bg

    Accord 7 17" Pentas 5x114.3, Facelift DVD-Rom, Facelift Halogen Headlights

    Hello again, If Moderators consider this topic improper let it be deleted. First I want to tell why I now post here and not in the Sell section. As you can see I am from Bulgaria. I have few things to sell but I first needed to know if there is interest for these items I am about to offer. Due...
  4. crown_bg

    17" 8.25J ET35 on Accord Tourer with 225/45/17

    First greetings to everyone! Second I did not find any topic that touches my questions. Hi guys, I have found some good wheels, which design I really like, but the minimum width is 8.25J with Offset of 35. Will it come a lot outside the fenders? Will 225 cover the wheel enough so it won't be...