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    Buying advice - 8th gen petrol

    It's diesel vehicles they are hammering, petrol vehicles only need to meet Euro 4 standards to enter the ULEZ and they were introduced circa 2005.
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    Gen 2 parts for sale
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    2012 Type S EPS Fail

    A bit late but there might be one here if it needs to be Type S specific.
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    Need an opinion - grey foil

    I think two tone could work nicely with the angular lines of a mk8, not that combo though.
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    AC compressor fix

    Mine needed replacing so I doubled down on a second hand unit from fleabay (tested apparently) and a compressor pulley refurb kit that took about two months from China. The pulley kit looks remarkably well made but is smaller (by about 10mm diameter) compared to an original pulley. My question...
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    What have YOU done to your Accord lately?

    Bloody hell, please use paragraph breaks as I find an unbroken block of text rather intimidating.
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    Stage 2 remap and EGR blanking from Premier Tuning

    Errrr...of course.
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    Stage 2 remap and EGR blanking from Premier Tuning

    It's fun, have scared myself. Well not scared scared, just thinking it's quite a heavy car and must uprate those front brakes soon but it's certainly an overtaking champ. Third/fourth gear pull is impressive, once I find a quiet bit of road while holding my phone and not get nicked I'll post...
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    What have YOU done to your Accord lately?

    True Lefty but us Mk 7 owners are getting on a bit. ;)
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    What have YOU done to your Accord lately?

    I believe you...I took a punt and bought the spring set off a scrappy for peanuts so the brand name is all I know. It is labelled with a code but I took no notice but I can have a look next time the wheels are off and post any pics here. I wouldn't want to go any lower as the ride is firm enough...
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    chrome door/window trim

    Funny that, I was thinking of trying to do the opposite and dechroming mine....plenty of facelift tourers around in scrap yards, that's probably where I'd start or do the obvious and send the trim off to be chromed but that is quite an expensive option. Plenty of alternatives like chrome spray...
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    What have YOU done to your Accord lately?

    You have a girlfriend that does body n paint??? I was exhausted just reading through your lefforts but I guess I've done a bit. Mines lowered on Blisteins by about 35mm, Recent stage 2 remap, replaced leaky stearing rack, overhauled lower control arms with new bushes and some rust and body...
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    what is it worth?

    Let the air out of your tyres quick.
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    2.2 i-dtec starter

    That probably indicates the battery is okay but I'd still want that confirmed before I started digging around, lots of places will do a free battery health check even if it's a simple meter check to check the voltage level and whether your charging circuit is working but ideally you'd want a...
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    2.2 i-dtec starter

    Agree. How have you narrowed it down exactly?
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    Service manual

    Even if you could selectively print all the pages relative to your model shurely you'd end up with a document with no index or means of navigation?
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    How to Identify Locking Wheel Nut

    I don't think so, some companies can make a replacement key socket from a mobile phone pic if you don't have the security code but it'll cost you as much if not more than going to Honda. If you have the original nuts and are prepared to wear your alloys unsecured you can always drive off your...
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    Hidden fuse box?

    Looks like it should, ta very much.
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    Hidden fuse box?

    Odd one, had an intermitantly loose connection on my O/S headlamp bulb so most of the time it would work until I hit a bump and then I'd give it a thump to get it back Thought I'd finally sort it by reaching in by hand and having a fiddle but access is poor as you know but it seemed I managed...
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    SRS diagnostic problem

    Any particular make?