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  1. Swervin Mervin

    Grrrr. Now the front caliper is sticking.

    I had one of my rear calipers replaced a while ago due to the commonplace Accord problem. I noticed today that my car was 'juddering/wobbling' It took me a while to work out what the problem was. I realised that my offside front wheel was absolutely NUCLEAR hot!! When I pulled into the...
  2. Swervin Mervin


    The old bus decided to have a funny five minutes the other a really inconvenient moment. Just packing up the tent at the end of our camping trip. Annoyingly the heavens opened while taking down the tent so much to the amusement of other campers I had to pack away a wet tent...
  3. Swervin Mervin

    To flap or not to flap

    So the question the mudflaps enhance or spoil the clean lines of the Accord? I've managed to get hold of a full set for my tourer but can't decide whether to fit 'em or not. What do you reckon?
  4. Swervin Mervin

    Rubbing from rear wheel hub/brakes

    I had the nearside brake hub replaced about six months ago due to it sticking and getting hot. I've now got a sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh sound coming from the brakes on the same wheel. Should I just run with it? Stick it in the garage?
  5. Swervin Mervin

    Odd noise on start-up

    Anyone got any idea what this noise is? You hear the seat belt chime then a peculiar rapid beeping.......I'm perplexed!
  6. Swervin Mervin

    Words fail me.....

  7. Swervin Mervin

    Anyone bought mudflaps off eBay?

    I want a pair of mudflaps for the front....correct me if I'm wrong but I believe they are silly money from a dealer. Anyone bought any off they fit easily/okay?
  8. Swervin Mervin

    Yay.....TA is no longer 'FORBIDDEN'

    or was it just me?
  9. Swervin Mervin

    Bargain Penta's - B.I.N. £110

    Could be a William bargain for someone on here....
  10. Swervin Mervin

    Anyone recommend a bike rack that'll fit the tourer?

    Looking for 'carrying bike' solutions for my tourer.....anyone got any ideas? I've got no roof rails btw.
  11. Swervin Mervin

    Tourer auto boot won't close

    It moves into the closed position automatically but rebounds and lifts again when it should click shut. There is nothing obstructing it. Anyone?
  12. Swervin Mervin

    Name these wheels.....

    Monk's old ones.......I really like 'em but don't seem to be able to find 'em.
  13. Swervin Mervin

    When T-Shirts go wrong!

  14. Swervin Mervin

    Todays WANT.....
  15. Swervin Mervin

    Wheel spacers - yay or nay?

    From an aesthetic point of view the Honda's main styling let down in my opinion is how badly the wheels fill the arches. Has anyone got any opinions experience of using 'spacers' to make the wheels stick that bit further out? Pretty sure it'd mess up the handling....but thought I'd ask.. These...
  16. Swervin Mervin

    Cheap Penta's - BIN £140 or offers

    Cheap set of Penta's CLICKY>>>>
  17. Swervin Mervin

    Grrr. Missed these wheels

    I've been watching these all week, exchanged emals with the seller......checked the progress of the auction while cooking dinner tonight. Sat down, started eating and chatting with the kids goes 'peep' 'peep'...what does that mean....the ruddy auction has ended. :o Damn annoyed...
  18. Swervin Mervin

    7th Gen - Rubbish for kids car seats

    I've had 4 cars now since the kids came along and the Accord is by far the fiddliest for attaching the kids seats. The sockets that the belts click into are just so short and close to the seat.
  19. Swervin Mervin

    Penta's on my bus

    In a feeble attempt to rekindle the love I once felt for the black beasty I went and bought a set of Penta's. To be honest I think I prefer the Epsilons! :( Apologies for the rubbishy phone pics...
  20. Swervin Mervin

    So where do I start replacing the Accord?

    I've had a good few calls from serious buyers today enquiring about the Accord and have two people coming to view asap. Looks like it's gonna what on earth do I replace it with for £4k?? All suggestions gratefully received. The Accord represents such a great package for the money...