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  1. crown_bg

    K24 Timing Chain - Is it the same as for 8th Gen Accord K24?

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if 7th gen K24 timing chain is identical with 8th gen K24? Thanks!
  2. crown_bg

    White smoke & water from exhaust

    I will try to wake up an old post. I need help with what kind of piston rings do 2.4 2003 engines of K24A3 have. I am asking as there are 2 types shown and used by Honda - OS (OverSized) and STD (Standard). I understand that OS are for OS Pistons and STD are for STD Pitons, but which are the...
  3. crown_bg

    Best Oil - 2004 2.4 Petrol

    I would say test first 5w30, if it burns it go to 5w40. I am tired of manufacturers tables with recommended Viscosity Grades and other stuff. Honda recommends 0w20 for these engines, but 2003-2005 models have been developed earlier than that, and if they started selling them in these years, then...
  4. crown_bg

    Sat nav problems

    Yes it was!
  5. crown_bg

    Sat nav problems

    Forget the BT Module is not worth it...
  6. crown_bg

    Good Bye Accord ...

    Sad news, but better live today and fight tomorrow as they say...I had a minor accident, but I stopped with my left headlight into the tow hook of Dacia Duster and it damaged the headlight, fender, bumper, hood, headlight washer, headlight holders, bent air duct at the resonator - I hope I will...
  7. crown_bg

    Where to buy replacement exhaust manifold

    That is fine Ian. My idea was that you could have got a lot cheaper and better in quality Manifold custom made. You cannot get a wrong fitment becuase they will use the old one to make a sample of the connection where the manifold fits the engine. You managed it anyway. You could share with...
  8. crown_bg

    Anyone own a 2.0 i-vtec auto?

    AT will always prevail MT in long distance. In traffic jams AT is more comfortable. It is not easy to brake HondaMatic gearbox. The trick here is you are not buying a new one, so you have to carefully check the condition of the gearbox.
  9. crown_bg

    Facelift headlights ?

    The swap is straight, depends on whether you have the HID or H1+H1. I personally do not like the lack of the orange indicator lamp in the facelift - having the crystal white indicators makes it flash ugly yellow and not amber/orange as in the pre-face. Some people want to change to face...
  10. crown_bg

    Where to buy replacement exhaust manifold

    Hi Ian, The best you can do is find such chop shop where they will take measurements from the original exhaust system (manifold, pipes, etc.) and then you should ask them according to their knowledge what would be the best way to make it sound agressive and not so loud and be effective (they...
  11. crown_bg

    Where to buy replacement exhaust manifold

    Depends on the material and who will be making it. Good ones are expensive.
  12. crown_bg

    Sidelight Issue - Help Please!

    I guess you would need some strong magnet stick, otherwise you have to remove the headlight, and again try with a magnet stick.
  13. crown_bg

    Dashboard LED Light Faint

    Have to take the small display off of the dashboard and take it to someone who will fix the problem, which is coming from spoiled connections behind the display. This is a drawback of the dashboard display. If you do not fix it, it will stop working completely.
  14. crown_bg

    additional battery on honda acourd tourer 56 plate 2ltr

    I would also be interested in such an approach. The battery is precisely measured to be enough for this car, except when you add something as an additional element that consumes additional electricity, this battery is far from enough. I have DRL, an MP3 with BT and sometimes during a trip audio...
  15. crown_bg

    Upgrading Cd player to sat nav

    The work is very tricky and there is a lot of wiring to be done, and not only that. It is specific job and you must know what you are doing. For Europe it might be that, for Bulgaria this is too expensive. You will get this done for a lot less than that.
  16. crown_bg

    CD player to SATNAV unit

    The Chinese ones have 1 year warranty and: 1st they don't work for Diesel ones; 2nd: They tend to show deffects during warranty period (you have to return the unit to China, which is much more expensive than getting it from there); 3rd: Are you ready to pay Duty Tax and VAT, which you cannot...
  17. crown_bg

    CD player to SATNAV unit

    Are you sure you wired the power supply from the Rom to the Display unit? Display is getting power from the Rom. The boue socket I think is the one you need. The black on the Rom, as far as I remember, is going into the light blue on the Display, and that is for the Navi. Are you having the face...
  18. crown_bg

    CD player to SATNAV unit

    In what way it does not work?
  19. crown_bg

    10w/40 Oil in 2.2 Diesel Accord - What Damage?

    It has done something wrong definitely, maybe not the engine, but the turbine, very high probability the chain suffered as well.
  20. crown_bg

    Stupid question but has my car got the wrong tyres

    It is 205/55 but 215/60 is fine as well.