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    Warped disk breaks

    I got an issue with my honda, it always warps my front disks. My old front disks were finished and I replaced the disks and pads with Bosh from and in about a year disks got warped (car isn't used as a daily so maybe it covered max 4000miles), I tried to get them skimmed but...
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    Bluetooth Module not finding phone

    When trying to configure the bluetooth my car, when I arrive in the part when it tries searching for the phone it isn't finding the phone however not pulling more than usual from battery when on standby, usual problem. I have dismanteled the bluetooth, any idea which board could be the issue ?
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    Clock Display dim

    I have a 7th gen accord diesel and the clock display sometimes is very dim barely visible and sometimes it is working normally, any ideas if this is an easy fix ?
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    Strange Noise + clutch issue

    Hi, All of a sudden after starting it was hard to engage the gears while pressing the clutch (no strange sound) but after driving few meters gears were engaging ok but I am having a strange sound (check video). Occasionally it happens that gears are hard to get in and during that time I don't...
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    Front Lights

    Got one of the front lights faulty and will replace both bulbs. Currently I have got the below side lamps
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    Brake/power steering fluid

    I will be replacing the fluid of the power steering, and brake. Can I buy normal dot4 or does it have to be bought from honda?
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    Headlight/Sidelamp bulbs

    I am thinking of changing the front light to white and need some good quality bulbs with good night visibility and not Chinese ones as it is headache to change them what would you suggest ?
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    Any one had problems pairing oneplus phone to the accord factory hft? basically my phone isn't being found when hft is trying to pair, the setting on my phone is configured to be visible to others.
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    End of July I bought the front disk breaks (bosh) + Pads (bosh) for my Accord 2006 I-CDTI after about 4 months if I go above 60km/hr and brake the steering starts giddering (only during braking) which is a result of warped disks I performed the brake...
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    Reset alarm

    how can I reset the alarm? basically my key battery has died, had to open the car manually then the alarm came on. removed the cable siren to be able to drive it home and left the car unlocked with the siren unplugged for the night the day after I replaced the remote battery but alarm is still...
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    CL and CN Differences

    What is the main difference in the above models as mine is a CN model 2006 2.2 i cdti and from this website there is only CL model in the list Till now the below is the only website I found that ships outside UK/Germany that has Bosh parts
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    OSRAM Night Breaker vs HID

    Which would you reccomend HID kit or osram night breaker ? please state also reason below :) (also is the main beam and dipped same h1 ?)
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    Brake disc size

    what is the size of disk break of a 2006 icdti (facelift )accord ?
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    How to restore leather seats?

    My leather seat is looking rather tired, any ideas how to restore it ?
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    Lower arm bushing replacement

    Had a lower arm bushing that needed replacement and try removing it myself. but got some problems :S managed to remove most of the bolts but have a problem with this last one. the nut came off but cannot remove the bolt tried putting back the nut and hammering with a screw driver hoping for it...
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    Drive shaft/cv joint

    my drive shaft (pass side) is slightly bent, it is not effecting the driving but the wheel is slightly wobbly, I was quoted for €150 for a used genuine one. Should I get the genuine one or aftermarket ones are ok? Also might need to replace the cvjoint (as there is a strange noise comming from...
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    Any recommendation on what brake pads for the front to get? Ferrodo EBC normal EBC Greenstuff ? Accord 2.2icdti 2006
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    when having an android phone connected via Bluetooth when you receive a call it is transferred automatically to the car sound. when making a call is it normal that you have to change audio to use bluetooth each time?
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    Fuel/oil filter service

    my car (2.2icdti 2006) is currently at 98k miles and car has only done max 1k miles from previous service (which was a year ago), should I replace the fuel and oil filter or should I only do an oil change? also after how much mileage should the gearbox oil be replaced ?
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    one touch driver window

    any ideas why the one touch window is not working on the driver's side, is it connected to a fuse on its own or same with the normal eletric widnows ? eletric windows are working fine just the one touch option is not working.