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  1. apintofmild

    8th gen product update - windscreen trims

    After thoroughly cleaning with a toothbrush to get all the dust and grime out a previous failed repair (not mine!) and allowing to dry I used clear Sticks Like Sh*t adhesive (Toolstation or Screwfix). I gaffa taped across the the trim onto the windows (knowling I could easily get any residue...
  2. apintofmild

    Rear Brake Problem

    I have always had to file a little of the paint from the (genuine Honda) pads so they are free to move (but not loose), others claim this is unnecessary -but it has worked for me across both my Accords
  3. apintofmild

    Key fob battery change

    The tiny screw (on a fixed, non-flipping) key is usually threadlocked in place. A brief warm with a soldering iron is enough to soften the threadlock to the point where the screw can be undone without obliterating the head. Once it has been undone a time or two it doesn't need to be heated...
  4. apintofmild

    Key fob battery change

    Same here. I found the screw was tight enough when refitted without any additional threadlocking compound.
  5. apintofmild

    Codes for removing 6 disc changer

    I had to put the code in when I had the battery off. Came with the car on a little credit card thingie tucked in the user manual. Not sure if you only remove some of the plug though...
  6. apintofmild

    Hollcroft honda

    It used to be the case that when you'd made enough posts to the forum the traders section would be opened up to you
  7. apintofmild

    Radiator refil Now Airlock

    This was a very long time ago, but it worked for me:
  8. apintofmild

    Strong diesel fumes around car

    My 8th Gen periodically made some unpleasant smells. I kept looking for a binding brake or a plastic bag stuck to the exhaust. My Golf produces the same aroma, only with the VW I'm 99% sure when it is and isn't doing a DPF regen (it sits at higher idle RPM) and am pretty sure that's the cause of...
  9. apintofmild

    2010 Accord Type S180 Excessive Shaking post 6 onward...
  10. apintofmild

    Not limp home but sort of the same

    Fuel starvation usually comes with a light on the dash, but a blocked fuel filter would be worth ruling out. Has the car had one lately, and was it a Bosch / Honda one?
  11. apintofmild

    Nasty shaking/vibration at speed

    Take a look at post 6 in this thread (which I slightly hijacked at the time :rolleyes:) for me it was driveshafts :
  12. apintofmild

    2.4 Vibration - Drive Shaft Splines?

    Not quite the same (and a different car!) but might be worth you having a read of this...
  13. apintofmild

    HID headlights into non hid car

    Don't factory HIDs have auto levelling? Don't know if the servo is the same or if it can be used with the manual control.
  14. apintofmild

    Coolant bleeding

    The diesel has a bleed screw. Not sure about the petrol though...
  15. apintofmild

    Leaving the fold

    The children are that little bit older now, so no pushchairs and the like to cart around, and work use of my estate car boot has fallen off lately so I've gone for something a bit smaller and more nimble - a 184 Golf GTD hatch. It's early days but it feels very well put together, quick and...
  16. apintofmild

    Leaving the fold

    After close on 5 years, the trusty 8th Gen i-DTEC tourer and I have parted company. I’ve kept scrupulous records for my car, detailing all servicing costs (all the routine stuff was done on the drive at home using genuine parts at half the recommended intervals –thanks Holdcroft & LubeTech)...
  17. apintofmild

    Rear Brakes ... pads and disk replacement

    For what it's worth (very little!) the replacement slider pins I fitted to my 7th Gen some time ago both had flats on, but the originals were one flat / one round. The flats / no flats didn't have a noticeable effect when everything was back together. There must be a reason they leave the...
  18. apintofmild

    Rear Brakes ... pads and disk replacement

    as shaun75 said to get the handbrake set up on the wheels. You can fine adjust from inside the car:
  19. apintofmild

    Rear Brakes ... pads and disk replacement

    @Brett, you were right the first time. The 7th and 8th tourer has shoes for the handbrake. Double check Matt as I’m 99% that the tourer in the 8th gen has no mini break shoes and Honda put them in the saloon like mine instead.
  20. apintofmild

    Rear Brakes ... pads and disk replacement

    @Greyedout I learnt the hard way on both my 7th and 8th gen tourer rear pads to lightly file the paint from the contact points to prevent binding. If the pads aren't free to move they wear away in no time. And thats with genuine pads...