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    Glove box light ?

    Anyone know where the glove box bulb is located in 8th gen tourer ? I believe it's a LED ? nothing I can find in the manual.
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    Reverse sensors stuck on in reverse

    Managed to fix this problem yesterday I I removed the rear bumper and removed each sensor. Air dried it with my heat gun at a distance and used plenty of WD40 refitted them used vaseline on the wire cable joints refitted and all is working fine Honda want over £200 per sensor.
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    P2010 Fault code

    Hi Guys i had P2010 fault code appear over the weekend no limp mode so i just reset it with my OBD meter i've done 300 plus miles since & no sign of a problem even my MPG is at its best ever over the 60,000 miles that ive had the car. It seems its the same fault as Gen 7 P2004? INTAKE...
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    Recall Windshield Side Trims Lifting

    Hi as anyone done this recall yet ? A little heads up i just sat at my dealers, they have removed the trims so windsrceen sides are exposed (looks ugly) they are ordering the colour coded trims in & will contact me to refit. I was told they have been causing excessive wind noise at higher...