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  1. Grayedout

    Top display clock changing on its own!

    Since the GPS signal changes I have had to change my Tourer top display clock by disconnecting the battery at 1pm. Randomly today the clock suddenly advanced by one hour while we were driving and not touching anything!! Anybody else seen this??
  2. Grayedout

    Fixed - Clock and AirCon Top Display

    Unfortunately not. This is nothing to do with the car and is down to changes in the GPS signal that occured earlier this year or last year. Afraid there is no fix for it other than disconnecting the battery as you have said.
  3. Grayedout

    Fixed - Clock and AirCon Top Display

    Well known problem and fix but just a little daunting if your not a proficient solderer !
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    Have I screwed the Sat Nav?

    Tried a brief battery disconnect yesterday with no luck but then used the car again today and it's back on.
  5. Grayedout

    Have I screwed the Sat Nav?

    Found a v2.11 Sat Nav DVD while doing a clearout. Is not an original but thought it might be worth a try and an improvement on the v2.3 I've currently got. Famous last words! Put it in and screen went black and eventually came up with a message saying do not turn off the engine and very slowly...
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    Hidden fuse box? This help?
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    DPF heat shield

    A 2 litre diesel running full throttle at 4200rpm on a test bed has an exhaust temperature just after the manifold of 650°C.
  9. Grayedout

    2.2i-ctdi timing chain

    Whatever kit you go for make sure you also replace the oil pump drive gear, which is not in the kit, otherwise you could be placing a new chain on a worn gear and it's not a good combination! Don't ask me how I know!
  10. Grayedout

    Why do Tourer rear pads never fit out of the box?

    Yeah already learnt to do the edges but now know to do the lugs as well !
  11. Grayedout

    Why do Tourer rear pads never fit out of the box?

    I think the *proper" way to do this is to open the bleed valve and push the fluid out as the piston is pushed back but I've never done this.
  12. Grayedout

    Why do Tourer rear pads never fit out of the box?

    Fitted a new set of rear pads to the Tourer not long before the lockdown but barely driven it since until last weekend when I did a 200 mile trip. When I got home I noticed the offside rear wheel was very hot and indicative of the brakes binding. Had a look yesterday and pads were free (already...
  13. Grayedout

    Auxiliary drive belt length

    I ran my 2004 iCDTi with no compressor and with the extra pulley removed with a PK1425 belt
  14. Grayedout

    STUCK front ABS sensor ( can it's wire be cut and resoldered?)

    Loom connector just engine side of inner wing
  15. Grayedout

    Rear Brake Problem

    As above I've always had to grind some off the ends of the pads or they just cannot move in the caliper. I tried leaving them alone the last time I fitted new ones and the rear brakes ran hot as the pads just would not release. In terms of the pattern above then I would say there is plenty of...
  16. Grayedout

    Wheel stud thread

    Need a new locking wheel nut set for my 2004 Tourer. Are the studs M12 x 1.5 ?
  17. Grayedout

    Replacing front lower arms

    All done!
  18. Grayedout

    Resetting the clock

    Don’t forget all those with sat nav who can no longer reset the top clock then if you disconnect and re connect your battery at 1pm then it will be right!
  19. Grayedout

    Replacing front lower arms

    Manage to squeeze it into the vice with a a big socket over the end and then put a big bar on the vice and heave !!!