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    Rear Brakes ... pads and disk replacement

    Cant see any DIY guide on this, I think I need to go out and take a wheel off to check rotor size first? Then that will determine whether it is handbrake or non handbrake calliper. If it is the one with the internal handbrake shoes, given how little wear these should get is there really a need...
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    Workshop Manual

    Does anyone know if there is a workshop manual for my Honda Accord ... its a 2013 Diesel Estate. Thanks Barry
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    How Many Miles in Brake Disks

    Took my Accord 2013 Tourer for a service the other day 4 years old and 32,000 miles. The garage suggested the pads and disks needed changing ... I can see the pads have limited life but do the disks really need changing at this mileage?