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  1. Bodey

    CD Player Fault - wont ejectg or play CD's

    Wel lads! my cd player just stopped working, radio is fine, but the built in 6 disc changer in the dvd touch screen unit has stopped working, it wont play cd's or wont eject them???? and it is just diplaying cd error? any ideas or fixes for it?
  2. Bodey


    well lads!! back on the mend, got my cast and braces of hopefully wont be long before im properly driving again! think i have an issue with two injectors and i have had them tested, just wondering does the extended 7year 125k warranty cover them in any way or form? i no they are an expensive buy...
  3. Bodey

    7th Accord

    wel lads!!! When i start my accord up in the morning, its starts with no hesatation, yet before its warmed up it whales white'ish smoke from the exhaust until the cars warms up. now further investigation, (skipping a lot of other investigations into the issue) led me too the injectors, i did...
  4. Bodey

    7th Gen Accord

    wel lads! how are yas? i was just wondering would anyone know wer i could get a proper plastic euro r kit for my cdti accord? im thinking of buying the kit for it, i think it would just set it off ya know.....ive spotted it on ebay but i think its just a fibre glass product, which to my...
  5. Bodey

    Choosing Geniune Honda parts

    Wel guys!! i was wondering should i always need to geniune honda parts?? i.e filters? fuel and oil filters? what about a pollen filter??
  6. Bodey

    Honda Milano Red fading

    has anyone had any issues with the paintwork or quaility of there cars? i.e accords? my accord is milano red, an the bonnet, roof, boot, top of doors, are all faded to almost a pink? i know this sounds stupid, but to compare this car to othe cars of the same age similar colour it really doesnt...
  7. Bodey

    Accord cdti

    well lads! if there is smoke from the exhaust when the car is started from cold, can you define what this could be? the car is running 100% starting fine, turbo is spoiling as normal, doesnt seem to be down in power? not buning anymore oil or using accessive water? everything seems the same and...