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1 Month Review of Premier Tuning Stage 2


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First of all I want to say Hello to all of you guys as this is my first post on here. Secondly, I want to apologise to Fahad from Premier Tuning as I did say I would post feedback but life caught up with me and was not able to post feedback until today.

Right lets get started. I contacted Fahad on a bank holiday weekend and to my surprise he responded in an instant and managed to book me in on a bank holiday monday! This was great for me as I needed the car for work! At first I was a little worried about driving my car from birmingham to leeds with a clogged DPF (the main reason for the stage 2) however Fahad informed me that it was safe to drive down to him. Once the work had been completed my car being newer or something there was an issue with my Adaptive Cruise control however Fahad was able to fix that for me the following day. In terms of service this is a 5 stars from me!

Now onto performance:

Being a 20 year old and coming from a MUCH slower Seat Ibiza, performance was day and night. Even from standard I'm noticing a much nicer powerband and the car feels MUCH quicker now. Fuel economy for me is also better for me but all depends on your driving. I'm currently averaging 41.2mpg commuting 10-15 miles each way from home to work. Sometimes doing 80 miles round trip for work too and the fuel economy is amazing but again it depends on your driving.

In conclusion, for anyone waiting to get a DPF delete done from Premier Tuning I would 1000% recommend it.

Thanks again Fahad the car runs so smooth!