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24T CM3 Drivetrain Pics


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New Zealand
24T CM3 Accord
If I can work out the picture posting process (and size limits) there should be a series of underbody pics of my 'Tourer', showing some detail of the drivetrain.








O.K. so I wouldn't want to throw anything like 500 Nm through this...

...Lucky I don't have 500Nm isn't it! :D


Bonus shot of my 'lovely' Bridgestone 225/45/17 Playz rubber - they drive ok but they talk to me. Loudly. The plan is for a set of Hankook H437s to go on shortly.

Crikey that pipe looks even smaller in this photo. 190-odd hp through that little weedy thing seems a bit much...


4WD I'm envious.... But not of the auto box bit though :lol:

Women have no idea bud - tell her its how she goes to get her shoes and that she should be grateful!!! ;).
CJ porn!!!

Pass the tissues!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:
That looks amazing mate. So do you notice the backend spinning alot?

CJ's going to love this.

In all honestly I didn't even know there was a 4wd Accord.
Im with you on that shabz.I no the legend is 4wd but the Accord iv nether heard of i bet the handling is great and for towing :ph34r:
Only made in autos for Japan. I would love to drop in a mapped diesel with manual box...perfect match I would have thought.
Only made in autos for Japan. I would love to drop in a mapped diesel with manual box...perfect match I would have thought.
Very true a manual gear box would be the icing on the cake.
4WD cars are great. I never knew they made one like this. Shame it's not possible to do a conversion onto a diesel saloon the grip would be amazing. Not sure if the clutch or DMF would survive very long though?!

As Rusty showed in his vid they are great for skidding around in. I previously had a Calibra turbo and used to do the same but on wet grass, 220 bhp hold it on boost and hey presto you're Colin McRae. :lol:
jdm yo!

See if you can ship a K24 manual crv gearbox from the states to get rid of the auto box
Wow! Well, a fair bit of interest! There're a few questions you guys have asked. I'll try and cover a few - too many to quote efficiently so I'll just get into it with a few notes...

- I am really pleased I got the AWD. (And it was only by chance that I even discovered the existence of the CM3 version!!). In some ways I can't really compare it objectively with the other versions because ours is the only Accord I've ever driven. However, I've already chuckled about a thousand times to myself, driving off a muddy field or cambered verge that all the 2wds have to avoid like the plague. And it really does have a major influence on-road too. With one caveat: I'll admit that most of the time our roads are in pretty good condition where the AWD effect is mitigated somewhat. BUT it only takes one trip over a remote, hilly, greasy, wet / icy / snowy / dieselly / gravel road to appreciate the far more subtle power delivery and the better handling it produces. Especially in a heavy car like the Tourer.

To put this into perspective - the extra ability might not be everyone's priority buit it is important to "us" - ie. we are due now to embark on a 2,500km mid-winter trip into some potentially testing territory beyond 42-43deg South (+/-), where I will definitely feel more confident because we are driving all four wheels. And this is not a one-off trip.

Gotta say - I do not generally prefer driving with the auto, although I have got usd to its inevitability! I am a manual fan from way back, have heel and toeing permanently ingrained, left foot braking trained from my Mini days (and let's not even go NEAR the hp loss issue).... ...and I really have to concentrate to get the Japanese tiptronic to do what I want when I want. Give me a clutch any day! But there is a 'but'. If I am in a cruisey mindset, not in a hurry etc etc (we in NZ are lucky enough to still enjoy a bit of this from time to time), that is about the only time I do actually feel love for the auto...

Now, one other point re: the auto, and in FAVOUR of the auto - Auto goes hand in hand with 4wd! MUCH smoother power delivery if conditions are dodgy. Do not underestimate the value of this. Engine braking with an auto can be an issue offroad, but not (as far as I know) with road vehicles... If I was TRULY in the ***** on a horrible road, caught out by the weather etc. - I would actually probably prefer the auto and it's very smooooth anti-sphinctering qualities.

I haven't got a lot of hp in my factory machine but the wagon still has a really nice balance, still steers subtly on the throttle and sets up for corners just how I like. It's quite taut too (which also means it's nice and quiet). I've adapted to the wagon I guess, rather than trying to fight it (lose-lose). The electronic steering 'feel' has been slammed by some but it doesn't feel dead to me - just 'different'. I don't mind it one bit (anyway, that's an Accord trait, not 4wd...) - Oh, and let's not forget - if I really wanted a racer -- I'd probably buy/ build a racer...

The car probably pays it's hp dues to the drivetrain but it still 'gets along' and I've been surprised and actually fairly stoked by the fuel consumption overall.

To suggest that the wagon would suit a diesel??? Actually, that makes a hell of a lot of sense from my perspective, if you get the right diesel!

Can't say I've done a lot of spinning of any wheels! I don't actually know what the torque split is or how it's managed, but with an unlockable diff in the middle, it'll obviously be at the mercy of the usual 'weight bias / traction' vagaries and therefore will actually spin any wheel if that wheel can't get bite... (another case for the smoooooth auto?)

Hmmm - difflocks... B)

The car still holds around 60 litres of petrol, CJ.

I've probably spewed forth enough by now???
have fun on your snow trip, i somehow doubt you'll ever get stuck!

Awesome!!! Gonna need a bigger suitcase B)
That guys last car was a rhd eg saloon with a j32 under the bonnet. I say under the bonnet but the v6 sits so high he cut a big hole in the bonnet for the top of the engine. Check his other videos, its in there
Hook up a snow plough up front and he can hire him self out to the airports and keep the run ways clear when we get the nxt batch of snow
Thanks for sharing!

The BIG question is: is the k series manual transmission (ie out of CRV) a straight swap in place of the auto?

I have a manual CM2 wagon and this is something I've definitely thought about it.
Thanks for sharing!

The BIG question is: is the k series manual transmission (ie out of CRV) a straight swap in place of the auto?

I have a manual CM2 wagon and this is something I've definitely thought about it.
hesitant "yes it is possible", the casing is identical but the selector bracket and mounts need transferring. might want a different gearset than the crv one though
it is also possible on the diesel if you get the 5/6mt awd box from the rd and re crv, the crv. rear diffs on accord cm3/cl8 and crv/element are identical, even the diesel one is the same

the main hurdle here isn't the nuts and bolts part of it, it's parts scarcity because you need both subframes, hubs/axles and the fuel tank
then you need a tcm/tcs that understands that wheel spin = spin the pump up for awd. ofc you can bypass that by doing what the civic guys have been doing forever and weld/pin the clutch packs and run a viscous coupler instead